Where did they get the image of Jesus?

Where did they get the image of Jesus?

  • Some speak of one legend related to the image of Christ. The legend is: "Jesus the Christ damped his face in the river, and then took a white towel and put it to his face. As a result, the image of his face appeared on the towel;

    And if it's serious, you can notice an interesting fact - different nations depict Jesus differently! For example, in Ethiopian (East African) icons - it is generally depicted as some "negro"; And if we accept as fact that "Jesus was a Jew", his alleged face can be seen here.

    But now it's very hard to judge whether it's all "quot; true; or not ... In the end, the main thing in Jesus Christ is his amazing oratorical talent and ability to create certain miracles. All the same, make many people "believe in Himself", "expel evil spirits from people"; and "resurrect the dead in their pristine shape"; - not everyone is given ...

  • It's from the human imagination ... no one really knows and will not say what it was, except for eyewitnesses, that is, those who saw it. And the Father, the God who created him and the apostles who walked with him on the earth, saw and know him. It is clear that he was different from all people, because he was perfect, he was handsome and had all only positive qualities of character and was able to communicate with all in a proper and acceptable way to God.

  • The Bible does not say what Jesus looked like. It describes only the qualities of His character. The image of Jesus Christ was invented by people. Since He was a God-man, he took flesh from the Virgin Mary, as man was circumcised, one was without sin. Just as a person was baptized, suffered persecution, cried and was martyred.

  • Как-то давно я задавался целью выяснить как выглядел Иисус и откуда взялся его нынешний образ, который, кстати оставался неизменным на протяжении многих столетий. Так вот исторических свидетельств об Иисусе мало, но они есть, например, у Иосифа Флавия (кстати, очень уважаемого мною за свою гражданскую и общественную позицию), он рассказывает о каком-то человеке по имени Иисус, который пострадал за правду и был невинно распят. Скорее всего у Иисуса был реальный прототип, человек, с которого и взяли его нынешний образ. В Туринскую плащаницу я, честно говоря не верю, появилась она намного позже, в средние века и могла быть специально изготовлена монахами для повышения веры мирян. Дело, конечно, хорошее, но все же это обман. Что тоже в свою очередь не доказано. Еще есть мнение, что образ Иисуса - собирательный, был выбран патриархами во времена императора Константина из многих образов, созданных художниками. Эта версия кажется мне наиболее вероятной, так как в таком ответственном деле патриархи, как хорошие маркетологи, не могли слепо доверяться образу какого-то конкретного человека, поэтому они создали идеальный образ верующего, который бы мог нравиться всем.

  • Remained an image on a towel (the Savior Not Made by Hands). Shroud of Turin. However, in vain do you think that after His Ascension, no one sees Jesus Christ. There are always saints on earth who are worthy of the contemplation of the Lord.

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