Valeria Novodvorskaya is alive. Why talk about her death?

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Valeria Novodvorskaya is alive. Why talk about her death?

  • Valery Ilyinichna has precisely died - unfortunately ... this is confirmed by many independent sources - for example, news on "Radio Rossi ..." ...

    хотя я не разделяю е политических взглядов- я отдаю ей должное в том как тврдо и последовательно она их отстаивала...наряду с Жириновским она была одним из самых ярких политиков нашей страны...

    вечная ей память !!!


    There is a lot of information on the link. And until there are final statements about the demise of Novodvorskaya or all the same about her not passing away, ask questions "why"; I consider it premature. Let's wait. And then we'll discuss. Or bones wash. A lot of people, people have nothing to do, the people will express themselves fully. And even more.

  • Ну да, информационная программа quot;Вестиquot; передала вечером известие о том, что Валерия Новодворская сегодня, двенадцатого июля 2014-го года, все-таки оставила этот бренный мир(. Были рассказаны некоторые факты из ее биографии. Она прожила сложную жизнь, тем не менее не сломалась и до последнего дыхания была верна своим идеалам. Этой программе я верю. Тем более уже принес свои соболезнования и Президент России Владимир Путин. Это уже, значит, подтвержденные сведения.

    She somehow created a very colorful image. It could be taken seriously or not perceived at all. But she was and left her legacy in the form of a blog, numerous articles, books. Valeria Novodvorskaya was an ardent opponent of the current authorities, she fiercely hated the Communists and the communist system. And then, somehow, she was not afraid of anything, she always spoke far from unpleasant things from the stands where she was admitted. I wonder if she has a successor in her party "Democratic Union"? She devoted her life to this ...

    Valeria Novodvorskaya is alive. Why talk about her death?

    She was 64 years old. According to information in the media, the cause of Valeria Ilyinich's death was an infectious-toxic shock. It is not clear whether this is septicemia, or what? Then from what it arose? But this is a complication, but the real diagnosis is not yet announced. To all those who knew and loved Valeria Novodvorskaya, I offer my condolences ...

  • Сначала была информация, что Валерия Новодворская умерла в больнице. Потом появилась на нескольких сайтах информация, что вроде бы Валерия Новодворская жива, и первоначальные сообщения были ложными.

    Часа через два опять начали появляться сообщения о том, что Валерия Новодворская умерла.

    Это произошло 12 июля вечером.

  • Information went on the Internet over the past day is quite contradictory, to believe this or that source is the personal matter of each of us. I think if the death of the well-known human rights activist Valeria Ilinichna Novodvorskaya really happened, then this will not only be written on the Internet, but a number of respected TV channels will air the already verified information.

    And literally an hour ago there was a message that The President of Russia expressed his condolences due with the death of Valeria Novodvorskaya e family and friends, read more available here.

    The death of a well-known human rights defender 12-го июля 2014-го year, Valeria Novodvorskaya died in the intensive care unit of one of the Moscow hospitals at 65-that year of life.

    Valeria Novodvorskaya is alive. Why talk about her death?

  • Valeria Novodvorskaya has died!

    Whether Valeria Il'inichna Novodvorskaya died or not, everyone is already confused ... There are a lot of information on the Internet, some say she is alive and well, and some say that Valeria Ilichna has died ... Wikipedia has already recorded that VALERIA ILININNA has died the twelfth of July (today) 2014 year in the intensive care of the city of Moscow.

    There is also information about the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin has already brought his condolences to his family and friends ..

  • She unfortunately really died, serious sources say about it. Only information from relatives for some reason is not present. If it was a duck, there would already be a refutation, all relatives and friends are silent.

    Valeria Novodvorskaya is alive. Why talk about her death?

  • Я просмотрела множество новостных блоков, по разным телеканалам, в сети интернет, все они, к огромному сожалению, утверждают, что Валерия Новодворская действительно умерла от (предварительная версия) инфекционно-токсического шока.

  • Валерия Новодворская умерла. на данный момент уже точно. Жалко женщину но ничего не поделаешь. Видел статью в ссылке и конечно могу сказать что она заставляет задуматься - где правда, а где вымысел. Но чет мысля возникла днем что ее раньше времени хоронят. не знаю кому это нужно было но факты есть. Если на сейчас говорить, на 23 часа, то она умерла точно. Причина ужасна и как я понял умерла она не приходя в себя в реанимации.

  • On the death of Valeria Novodvorskaya heard today on the First Channel. After I saw your question, I began to doubt, began to look at different sources. At the moment, the information is accurate, that the well-known human rights activist did indeed die, died in the hospital department where she was hospitalized. It happened by the evening of 12 July ...

  • I'm not a villain, but ... Quote from the WINE: "we pull the country behind us and write down in its history the only worthy lines with our blood, and one day we will not die." And then the Statue of Liberty will stand on one of the Solovetsky Islands: above the White Sea Channel, over the Kremlin, over the Gulag and Lubyanka, as an eternal symbol of our victory. We are the paratroopers of the West on Russian soil ... quot; .comprehensibly anti-communist and ... crazy! As a result, the writer is worthy of encouragement from quot; papa Zuquot; and all the GB together taken "for the funeral of Russian zapadnichestvo" (reptiles, it's not for nothing that an impressionable woman was tyrannized?). Oh, my friends, checking with "serious sources"; about the person of the deceased poor thing, and, correlating with your helpless marginals, it is necessary to note, unfortunately, that the remarks, as it seems to you, do not go beyond the bounds of tolerance imposed on society (the deceased, by the way, never suffered).

    По-христиански, воздерживаясь от суда или суждений о пользе е миссии на земле (не нам судить), стоит отметить главное - е одержимость известными идеями (и, при массе связанных с нею quot;приколовquot; и политафоризмов,понятно, какими по происхождению).Своеобразное обаяние и ореол мученичества ВН приобрели в е лице некую сомнительную популярность у публики (попутный вопрос: достойны ли наши quot;достиженияquot; е жертв в образе, воплотившем идеалы quot;демшизыquot;?).

    E heritage, of course, is a kind of monument to the POLITICAL DISEASE OF THE LEAVING EPOCH (apparently, it was necessary to get over it, but ask yourself: did you manage to recover?), Which destroyed the ruling party and, unfortunately, together with it our elite and the country. .. There are problems for any society and power, but the accusations, which are always permissible (because they are useful) from fools, tribunes and lawyers are easily confused with insanities. I will be noticed: quot; ah, VN - wrestler, ah, this is such a form, the aesthetics of protest ... quot ;. I am sure, you know the answer: "what kind of society is such a protest?". I will add: "quot; such are wrestlers". Even the faithful thoughts, expressed in the genre of abuse, are of little use for work, harmful to the cause. It is the discrediting of any ideas and the marginalization of society ... (VVZ orphaned).

    Pray for yourself, for the river. Valery (who is she in the real faith, I wonder?) But beware - beware of betraying Christ, do not be tempted! For "the demons of the captives do not take";

    PS By the way, do not you "quot; spiritualquot; apprentices (m.b. quot; doublingsquot;) are also always right-quot; quot; quot ;? Forgive them all, Lord, for ...!

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