Where can I check the punctuation of the text online?

Where can I check the punctuation of the text online?

  • In my opinion, the most simple and nagging program for checking online punctuation is Microsoft Office Word with the program of recommended schemes. In my opinion, they are quite enough to work with any texts. Another very convenient Open Office.

  • I agree with the answer, which Polerol wrote, because himself several times tried to find an online service for checking the correct placement of punctuation marks, and in the results of issuing at best only the sites offering to register with them first, transfer money to them, and then they will manually check the texts they download.

    I do not recommend registering on such sites, tk. better than the Word they in any case mistakes, I think, will not fix it.

    I support using the Word.

  • Today the most qualitative check of online punctuation is realized on Orfogrammka.

    Here is a list of rules that she knows: https://orfogrammka.ru/пунктуация/

  • so it's all yes, but even in opera it's easy to check spelling, and in contact too, by the way, but still, you need to know your language well, for it's shameful to consider yourself a RUSSIAN, but to write, sorry, like a savage with mistakes, or even more so, it's generally illiterate. It's never too late to learn, it's shameful not to admit your mistakes, referring to the fact that now on the Internet, and indeed in general, a lot of people write with errors, all around shortenings and words parasites, it is necessary? But try now, the current pionEry write a letter, but not by e-mail, and so, in the old manner. That would be laughter))

  • On the Internet, there are many spell checking services (for example, from Yandex or morphology.ru, but none of the tools I reviewed online did not check the arrangement of punctuation marks. This is understandable, because then, where to put a comma, depends on the meaning, take at least a textbook example, "You can not pardon penalty", in which a comma can be put anywhere, at our discretion.

    The best option is the Office application - Microsoft Word, which should not always be on 100%, but punctuation checks. How he does it, can be seen in the picture. It is necessary to write the text and press F7:

    Where can I check the punctuation of the text online?

    See where to download the free Word, you can in this issue.

  • Microsoft Office Word enough? I would like to clarify for whom? If you write texts for yourself, it can be enough. And if you work with the customer on the respected content exchanges, then you will have a look at this program without tears))

  • No online service will not be able to provide you with a full service for checking punctuation. Believe on the word, checked, as they say, on yourself. There are several dozen sites on which such a service is offered as paid, but the quality of verification is always unpredictable.

    I once tried to use such a paid service, I needed to write an article to confirm the qualification on one of the content exchanges ... I wrote and sent ... After checking, I sent it to a review ... and the article "quot; on punctuation mistakes. Even when checking in Microsoft Word several errors were found.

    Such a check does not guarantee anything other than monetary costs. Also check in Microsoft Word does not always correct obvious errors. You need to write as few composite sentences in the text as possible, less chance of error. Author's punctuation is almost always recognized as erroneous.

    I found a decent program that produces a better result than Microsoft Word - This program ORFO Editor. It's really paid, but there are also keys in the network. Try it, maybe this is what you need.

    And of course you need to "refresh"; in memory the rules of punctuation of the language on which you write. I periodically do this for self-development. :)))

  • With the punctuation check online is still quite tight, so my advice will be simple: repeat the rules of the Russian language. They are not so complicated, and I think after sitting for a couple of evenings, it will be possible to get rid of eighty mistakes when placing commas. The rules are not infinite, just give them time.

  • Punctuation of the text online is good to check by Microsoft Office Word or Open Office. In both programs, sentences with punctuation errors are highlighted by a green wavy line. You can right-click on this offer, and you will be offered the option to fix the error. But it happens that the option is not offered, and then you need to find the punctuation error yourself.

  • Автоматического онлайн сервиса пока не создали но можно воспользоваться полуавтоматическим если у вас есть блог и много друзей которые часто онлайн вы можете попросить друзей проверить пунктуацию в вашем тексте или можно заказать проверку текста на сайте advego.ru где онлайн работают сотни тысяч копирайтеров и за маленькую сумму всегда будут рады помочь.

  • there is in RuNet such service - orfogrammka.ru

    will check not only spelling, grammar, stylistics, but punctuation

    не только находит ошибки, но и объясняет причину со ссылкой на соответствующее правило

  • On-line spelling checks are mass, and there is no punctuation, unfortunately. Apparently, the Russian language is too complicated to be automated. The meaning of the sentence is important, which the machine can not comprehend in any way. There are services where for a fee people living will check the text for the arrangement of punctuation marks. If you really need, you can refer to them. But, as a rule, this is often necessary for those who are himself a copywriter or a rewriter and do not want to spend so modest earnings for verification. Have your knowledge of the rules of the Russian language pull up.

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