How to write poetry? Help me to write a verse on any topic

How to write poetry? Help me to write a verse on any topic

  1. I'm not an artist, the brush is playful
    I never touched the canvas,
    How can you tell that everything is beautiful:
    Sla, groves and big cities.
    The words crumble like leaves,
    I would manage to collect them,
    From all unnecessary to clean,
    What is worrying-people to pass on.
  2. you can listen first classics ... it inspires ... or read beautiful poems ... and so ... poems are written spontaneously ... you tell me a certain topic, I'll help ...
  3. hrkkk
  4. Method of writing poems.

    1. Theme, or about what to write.

    All poems can be conditionally divided into three large groups: poems about love (love lyrics), poems about God, about life, about death, about wisdom and stupidity, etc. (philosophical lyrics) and verses to the Motherland, about my mother, about the war, about the government, about the old people, and so on. (civil lyrics).

    Every self-respecting poet is obliged to compose a poem on the theme of first and bright love, which is unforgettable for every person. Very well, if this love was unrequited and extremely unhappy then that can suffice for a whole cycle of poems or even a book. In general, unhappy love is an eternal inexhaustible theme, a bottomless source of inspiration.
    If everything is good in your personal (family) life, then you can write a cycle of dedications to your beloved wife, children, mother-in-law or even a dog, without fail with gratitude for love and faithfulness, for comfort in the house and reliable rear.

    As for the philosophical lyrics, there are also incredibly many topics in this area. It is necessary to compose a poem (or even a poem) about difficult and incredibly fascinating searches for yourself, your destiny, the meaning of life, the reader will be very interested in following up the author's personality development and going all the way with him from the very beginning. It is necessary to write about death, and in such poems one should either be a deaf pessimist (I will die, disappear without a trace, the wind will scatter my dust around the world), or a half-mad optimist (I know that we are immortal, and death is just a transition), and it is imperative to put in each poem a unique knowledge about the structure of this world, which is truly open to the real poet.
    To write about God is necessary only with a feeling of deep faith and love for Him, it is necessary to turn to the Bible. You can also create a whole cycle of poems about Jesus Christ, this is the most worthy subject for a real poet.

    Civil lyric poetry is also very fertile soil. In the repertoire of every poet there are poems about Russia, about the Motherland, about the small homeland, filled with love and secret pain, faith in the best and hope for the great Russian people, who will certainly raise Mother Russia from their knees and save the whole world, of course. It is very good to turn to the famous poet Sergei Yesenin, to continue his traditions (I am the last poet of the village), you can also describe the beauty of your native land. And in any case, do not skimp on the epithets ("white color of fragrant cherries", "red sunset glow", "passionate dance of snowflakes in the light of the lantern of lanterns")!
    Poems about politics must necessarily have an expository character, for the poet is the voice of the people, here it is necessary to open ruthlessly and vehemently the vices of the ruling elite, blaming and showing the ways out of the plight. It is also useful to speculate about the plight of the working people, about the problems of the village and the countryside, about the beggarly existence of the elderly and disabled.

    A separate article is a poem about the Great Patriotic War. They are better written on the eve of the Victory Day, when you can easily imbue with the necessary atmosphere. Of course, it is necessary to talk about the heroic deed of the Soviet people, to thank and bow to veterans, to mourn for the numerous victims of the war, to honor their great memory and by all means available to the poet, to emphasize the significance of the greatest feat and to express the deepest gratitude.

    2. Rhymes and images, or how to write.

    My friend, I do not advise you to think about technical issues (see Rule One), because all the rhymes were long ago invented and used, and images long ago firmly entered the literature. Nothing new can be invented, so do not be shy to use the great legacy of the poets of the past, they have not worked so hard.
    Rhymes do not have to be exact, sometimes rhymes may not be at all (if this is, for example, 1 and 3 the string in the quatrains). Do not be shy to use such years-tested rhymes as "love-again-blood," "heart-door-link will appear after checking by the moderator

  5. look at the picture on the subject of which I want to write a verse and a sigh will come but I have more to write songs than poems
  6. link is blocked by the decision of the project administration
    - then the editor clearly explained how to learn to write poetry ...
  7. do not know how not to write. Inspiration should be what it's all about writing, but you do not have it
  8. here is my verse!

    Life as a Moment
    What does the word, Life?
    The answer we are looking for a very long time ...
    Who gave it, why?
    And what do we do with this?

    I pondered for a long time ...
    And then I found the time of answers
    Life is like an instant, that is, no,
    Everything will always find the answer ...

    There is an instant and the days pass quickly!
    And in days when everything seems to be unselfish,
    Pass smoothly and without meaning ...

    All life, a continuous contest,
    We will always meet the challenge,
    We'll stumble, fall ...
    And we'll find a helping hand.

    But in life everything is not so simple
    She teases us, tempts us,
    all bad lessons,
    He takes his relatives and friends ...

    We are looking for a way, soul and happiness
    And every day we repeat one thing,
    Let everything always be so clear,
    After all, we have only one life ...

    strongly do not criticize)

  9. Think of the first line of the verse. Not too long, 3-4 words. Then think of the second line, about the same as the rhythm coincided with the first, the next line in the rhyme from the first, and the fourth in rhyme with the second.

    already sun written

  11. it must go from the heart
  12. Words add up in dimension and of course rhyme ...
    The moon in the sky shines brightly
    And on the wall, like on the grass
    The cat walks, so proudly, straight,
    As a person, imagining himself.
    What will he be the star of the screen.
    From a feat that has its own floor.
    He saved an hour ago from moths
  13. You can help the rhyming dictionary.
    For example
  14. I do not know, when the rhyme comes to my head I write down, then I edit (I'm doing corrections), so it turns out, I remember when I wrote the first verse, it was about a living lemon, which wanted to become an elephant, a whale
  15. The smart cat is sitting and silent
    looks out the window
    he pierced his eyes with a tit for a long time
    But it can not catch the paws
    jumped mom with a mouse in her teeth
    Do not flinch your ears, but ah
    bluebird flushed and poor baby
    saw on the branch a cuckoo
  16. Download from neta!
  17. A merry winter day knocked on my window
    He looks at me from high and beckons me to the street to the soft snow to the white court to the merry little children
    Winter is not as complicated as it seems
    What a strong destiny

    I myself came up with 4 a classmate

  18. I did not write poetry
    And do not write!
    Better take a walk
    And breathe.
    For the pen
    Do not try,
    From the table
    Get out.

    Do not rush,
    do not rush,
    Take it easy,
    Take care.
    Throw it to hell
    scratch the back of the head.

    Soup of weld,
    cut the onions in the kitchen.
    Have some tea,
    fix the iron.
    Новый телевизор
    take it apart -
    what does he have

    Spit in the window
    And get into the urn!
    In the operetta in the evening
    Go ahead.
    Wash the floor,
    Take a cold shower,
    to sleep the future
    Bullshit ...

    in short,
    Do it!
    I did not write poetry
    And do not write!

  19. esteem and thought I the person without a mask have seen you from a distance but did not dare to admit that you and I are one destiny
  20. In the Appendices there is; "Rifmach-generator congratulations" - install, help
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