English letter "Y" as read

English letter "Y" as read

  1. Uvay.
  2. wye
  3. As the word "why" - wow well or "wai" - something average
  4. wye
  5. The game is --- gt; Vuay ...
  6. http://www.alleng.ru/mybook/2read/Y.htm
    link is blocked by the decision of the project administration
  7. wai. Only in more on y is similar in sounding
  8. Depends on the production
    y = aI The main case
    my maI my
    style staIl style

    y = I The third from the end of the word is an open open syllable that is read briefly (as a conditionally closed
    typical tIpIkql typical

    y = aIq With the letter r in the spelling:
    pyre paIq bonfire

    y = - As the second constituent of a combination of vowels, like an open syllable:
    way weI way

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