How many meters in the sotok?

How many meters in the sotok?

  • In one hundred square meters. 1 weave = 100 square meters = 0.01gectar = 0.02471, for example: a plot of land in the "hundred square"; is equal to the square 10mx10m or the rectangle 50mx2m. When buying a land lot is widely used is the term "weaving", but documented the area is in m2.

  • How much in a hundred meters

    100 square meters.

    В a hundred meters exactly 100 square. Weaving is so called that it has 100 square meters.

    And in a hectare 100 acres, that is 10000 square meters.

  • One hundred square meters is equal to one hundred square meters (probably this is why this measure was nicknamed by the people as a weave). For example, if you take a rectangle with sides 20 meters and 10 meters, then the area of ​​this rectangle will be equal to 20 x 10 = 200 m square, which corresponds to two weave.

  • In the weave 100 square meters. Weaving of the earth is, for example, a square of 10 meters at 10 meters.

    Now for an example. Plot 9 acres - this means the site 30 at 30 meters, or 20 at 45 meters, or 25 at 36 meters.

    And if the plot has a very irregular shape (not rectangular and not square), then to calculate its size - this is mathematics is more complicated.

  • One hundredth is ten ten square meters. Weaving is this unit of resignation. The hundreds of square meters usually come to the end if there are no playgrounds or fields for basketball basketball volleyball or field fields are squashed.

  • Sotka is a household, colloquially named area of ​​measurement. Correctly it is called and indicated ар.

    1 weaving (1 ar) is equal to 100 square meters. And it does not have to be an area with a width of 10 at 10 meters. This can be any rectangle, for example, with sides lengths like 5 at 20 meters, and 1 at 100 meters. But it is not at all necessary that this should be a site of strictly correct form, the main thing is that in the end there should be 100 square meters.

  • Speaking about the size of the site in the weaving area, some people do not understand how much they are talking about. How much is this?

    Therefore, we introduce clarity.

    Although in principle everything is quite simple.

    Weaving is ar, i.e. square of the square with a side of ten meters - 10m x 10m = 100 meters square. One hundred square meters of land.

  • 100 square meters! It is therefore so called weaving because it accommodates 100 meters in a square.

  • How many meters in the weave

    Ap (denoted as a), the measure of the square, in everyday life called "hundred-kilometer", is equal to 100 sq. meters. That is, it is the area of ​​a square with a side of 10 meters.

    If we express ap through other units:

    1 a = 0,01 ha = 1 / 100 hectare = 100 m square. = 1 ladies square.

  • Hundred so therefore it is called, proceeding from the name it can be easily guessed that in a square 100 square meters. Sotka is a site in the form of a square 100 on 100, and correctly to call this value ar, weaving is spoken, that all was clear

  • If it comes to square meters, then in the weave their 100.

    If you are interested in the length of the sides of one hundredth (or perimeter), then the value depends on the shape of the plot. If a square, then the perimeter is equal to 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 = 40. If a rectangle, then the perimeter is determined by the formula 2x + 2y, where x and y are the lengths of the sides of the plot.

  • In the weaving is not just meters and square meters, as weaving unit of measurement of area and area is measured in square meters. It can not be said that I have a garden 100 meters and here 100 square meters can be just 100 square meters and there is one hundred. Accordingly, if the garden 30 acres, this means that its area is 3000 square meters.

  • Weaving is 100 square meters))) ie. square 10x10.

  • Weaving from that and is called that 100 sq. Meters. A square meter - this means that the area of ​​this site. For example 2 weave is 200 sq. Meters - 10 at 20 meters, and 20 acres (2000kv.m) is 50 on 40 meters or 5 on 4000.

  • In one hundred square meters 1 meters.

    that is, this site 1X100

  • Weaving - a unit of measurement of the area, which is used in colloquial speech and it is equal to 1 aru (1 ar).

    More detailed information on how ar appeared and what it is equal to can be read in the answers to the question:

    How did the measurement appear in the Ara? Ar - how many square meters?

    Hence 1 weave = 1 ar = 100 square meters, i.e. 10 meters multiply by 10 meters, if you take the right figure.

  • Let's start with the fact that one weave, this one-hundredth part of one hectare. 1 weaving = 0,01 ha. on another 10000 sq. m. m. = 1 ha, 10000 / 100 = 100 sq. m. m.

    1 weaving is 100 square. meters, or one ar. 1 weaving = 100 sq.m. = 1 ap.

    It remains, the simplest. it is correct to multiply or divide the meters to get the desired result. We must remember that weaving is a measure of the area and is measured in square meters.

    Another no less important weaving is the secret measure of the square, which is hidden in the people, which is unlikely to be understood by anyone else, and that is characteristic of all the areas of garden, country sites, simply, on the other, no one will say everything is in the hundreds, and that's the point.

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