What is the most essential thing in a hike in the winter forest?

What is the most essential thing in a hike in the winter forest?

  • oooo one of the most difficult cases. the first is the mood, the most important thing is to know where and how you are going. then thoroughly think over your equipment. beginning with the water and eating after finishing what to sleep. if you go for the night then you need to warm up completely, as we say "; from head to toe "; , be sure to take ointment or a baby cream that if in case of frostbite, apply it (only it should be warm). There must be a decent amount of water to be controlled. tent and burner with a "forever burning"; coal. in general, when you go on a trip you should consult knowledgeable people and at least go not alone)

  • In general, there are more warm things. Well and so - matches waterproof and meal it is more. If with overnight stay, then provide for - on what you are going to sleep. (take an ax - you can cut the spruce branches and make yourself a litter for them at night (snow melts - but you will dry - on a lot of branches.) And so - all that is necessary in the campaign)

  • Winter trekking differs from the summer and differs in coordination! Especially Overnight.

    To start, think through the whole route to the destination and back, how much time it takes from you and make a calculation with a margin. Anything can happen.

    Next you need to pick up good backpack. Aby what does not go. You need liters on 80-90, and 100-120 is better, but this is for a man, and for a woman 60 liter is enough. All the essentials should fit easily into the backpack.

    Next sleeping bag. The summer version here will not go, you need a sleeping bag with a temperature regime up to -40 degrees, ideally it is a downy sleeping bag.

    Carimate or simply speaking coir, also an integral part of the winter trip with a night's lodging. Here an especially expensive option is not needed, you need a lightweight and durable mat. After all, its function is to isolate the body of a tourist from the permafrost of the earth. Of course, you can make a coniferous litter, but only if you are sure that you will be in a coniferous forest. The mat can be rolled up and fastened to the side of the backpack, placing it in a waterproof cover.

    Apparel the tourist is a very important piece of equipment. Do not think that you can just put on yourself all the warmth that you have. Do not be like cabbage. It is very important not to sweat in the campaign, otherwise you will start hypothermia. More on hypothermia can be read here. Clothing should be warm, windproof and waterproof.

    Footwear. It is better to buy special winter boots, which are designed specifically for such conditions. such shoes will not get wet, they have a strong sock and sufficient height of the gate, as well as a ribbed sole. In addition, they are very warm.

    Leggings or shoe covers. But do not rush, it's not the same leggings and shoe covers you thought about, no. This is a special device that does not allow snow to hit the shoes. They look like this:

    What is the most essential thing in a hike in the winter forest?

    Further all as well as in usual campaigns.

    What is the most essential thing in a hike in the winter forest?

    Then everyone decides what to take. But I think that it's not worth overloading, it's better to think a hundred times, but do you really need a particular object or you can do without it?

    But not superfluous will be, a compass, a lantern, a knife, matches + a lighter (or magnesium silicon), a cell phone and a navigator (those who can afford it).

    Successful hike and good mood!

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