Miracles of Turkey: Pamukkale - a complex of thermal springs

Pamukkale is one of the main brightest diamonds in the rich necklace of the sights of Turkey. It is believed that not seeing Pamukkale means not seeing Turkey. And this is not surprising, because the unique masterpiece of nature, which has no analogues in the world - Pamukalle - is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Pamukkale in Turkish means “Cotton Castle”. Its enchanting white and blue architectural ensemble resembles cotton plantations or a fabulous palace of powdered sugar. This complex of thermal springs is located in 250 km from Antalya Airport, in Western Anatolia, north of the city of Denizli.

Seeing Pamukkale, you just freeze with delight and seeming unreality of what he saw. The base of the volcano is surrounded by a 150 meter-long, peculiar dazzling white cascade of petrified tufa waterfalls and stepped terraces of lakes of blue and turquoise colors. The bowls of the pools, which are around 20 000, are bordered by the lace sides of stalagmites and stalactites glittering with all the colors of the rainbow in the rays of the sun. The area of ​​the largest pools reaches 100 м2, the depth varies from 0,5 - 2,5 m. This natural wonder of Turkey was formed as a result of the activity of hot mineral springs, which, escaping from the crevices of the hills, covered them with a limestone coating, forming white travertines. Words can not convey all the fabulous beauty of these places - it just needs to be seen! Not surprisingly, the first thing that remembers tourists who have visited Turkey - Pamukkale.

I appreciated the unique beauty of Pamukkale and Andrei Konchalovsky, choosing him for the role of the nymph Calypso when shooting the film "Odyssey."

Miracles of Turkey: Pamukkale - a complex of thermal springs

There is even a legend about the miraculous properties of Pamukkale springs from local residents. According to her, a girl from a poor family was not so beautiful that she decided to commit suicide by jumping off the cliff. But instead, in the fall, having come to the source, she became a beauty.

The Romans considered this fabulous place the dwelling place of the gods, which gave healing powers to the springs, so they built the city of Hierapolis (II century. BC. e.) with many temples. Here the emperors strengthened their health, Cleopatra came here to use the curative powers of the springs to maintain their unfading beauty.

The healing properties of the sources have not a mystical but scientific basis. In Pamukkale there are 17 types of mineral waters. Salty, sparkling mineral water resembles Borjomi in taste. Thermal waters are rich in hydrocarbon, calcium sulfate, magnesium, contain bicarbonates, and are saturated with ions. The average temperature of Pamukkale springs is + 36С.

: Pamukkale - a complex of thermal springs

Pamukkale thermal springs are recommended for the treatment of rheumatism, hemorrhoids, various burns and ulcers, hypertension, paralysis, rickets, cardiovascular system malfunction, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, eyes, skin.

The muds of Pamukkale are shown in the treatment of pathologies of the joints, allow to reduce weight, exert a tonic and restorative effect, help to cleanse the body of toxins, and have a good cosmetic effect. The course of treatment lasts from 1 to 3 weeks, so near Pamukkale there are many sanatoriums that conduct medical procedures. Today millions of people from all over the world come to Pamukkale not only to enjoy the unforgettable unique beauty of its landscapes, to make excursions to the ancient city of Hierapolis, but also to strengthen health.

The pride of Turkey - Pamukkale - is open for tourists around the clock. However, in order to preserve this miracle of nature, the movement of tourists was somewhat restricted - they took a special territory for walks. The entrance costs 10 Turkish Lira.

Pamukkale - thermal springs in the evening

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