Turkey's curiosities: Cleopatra's basin

Cleopatra's Pool - is the pearl of the “Eighth Wonder of the World” - Pamukkale. This is a unique natural pool formed by healing thermal springs from the bowels of the earth. It is believed that this thermal reservoir used to be Cleopatra's personal pool, in which she scooped the life-giving forces of nature to maintain her unique beauty. Perhaps it was - because the source water is rich in hydrocarbons, calcium sulfate, magnesium. The reservoir itself is immersed in the lush greenery of tropical plants, setting up a feeling of peace of mind to the fullest unity with nature. The water in the pool is crystal clear and transparent. The pond is divided into two zones - deep and shallow. Its entire bottom is littered with antique marble columns that fell here after an earthquake, which used to be part of the Roman baths.

Turkey swimming pool Cleopatra

Such an environment unwittingly brings a few centuries ago during the time of the Roman Empire. Thanks to carbon monoxide contained in water in large quantities, the waters of the reservoir sparkle and play bubbles like a glass of champagne. They pleasantly envelop the body, relax. It is difficult to describe in words how blissful you feel. It seems that you plunged into an antique champagne cup - an unsurpassed romance. Any woman can feel herself here by Cleopatra.

They say that, having bathed in the pool, you can look younger for 10 years or from ugly ones turn into a written beauty. This, of course, is just a legend. But, if you regularly pamper yourself with the curative properties of a thermal spring, you can significantly strengthen your health, and, therefore, prolong your youth. Temperature in the pool water + 36С. At this temperature, the healing substances are best absorbed through the skin, muscles are relaxed. The mineralized water of the spring has a bitter-salty taste, something that resembles Borjomi.

Warm thermal waters of the Cleopatra basin help in the treatment of asthma, gastritis, bronchitis, rheumatism, gastrointestinal, skin, cardiovascular, nervous diseases, etc.

Swim in the pool is better in Panama, since it is under the scorching sun, so as not to get a heat stroke.

A visit to the Cleopatra Basin is worth 18 Turkish Lira. Not far from the source there are souvenir shops that will allow you to bring memorable souvenirs. Here you can take with you into a bottle of healing mineral water.

Souvenir benches in Turkey

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  1. I now boast to all my friends that I was in Cleopatra's pool, a lot of cool pictures came out! Prices kopeichnye, and emotions for life! And I think that the Cleopatra's pool really rejuvenates!

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