7499 - the code of which city?

7499 - the code of which city?

  • Question, code of which city 7499, occurs quite often. This is due to a lack of understanding of the system for encoding telephone numbers.

    Russia has long switched to the international system of code number coding, according to which, the first digits of the telephone code denote the country code, followed by the code of the locality.

    therefore Code 7499 this is not a city code, but two codes together. 7 stands for the country code of Russia, and code 499 code for the city of Moscow.

  • 7499 is the code of the capital of Russia (Moscow). Or rather, the seven before the code is the code of Russia, but 499 is the code of Moscow.

    This is the new code of Moscow, and the old code (also valid) is 495.

    The new code was introduced due to the fact that in Moscow the numbers beginning with the 495 numbers ended.

    At first Moscow authorities wanted to divide the capital into two parts - south-west and north-east. But as it usually happens in Russia, everything went awry and with these codes, confusion began.

    In 2013, also, the Ministry of Communications has united these codes of Moscow with the code of the Moscow region 498. Call inside this network is free of charge, as these calls are considered local.

  • Code of Moscow + 7 499 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • + 7 499 - the second code of Moscow, after the code + 7 495. These 2 codes are used in Moscow because there were not enough numbers for the entire population. Very often because of this with these codes people were confused. If you call from such numbers, then surely this is some kind of organization (the Bank, advertising of something, etc.).

  • This four-digit code quot; 7499quot; belongs to the Russian capital Moscow.

    That is, the code itself is three-digit quot; 499quot ;, and the digit 7 is, as you know, the exit code for Russia. For calls inside Russia, instead of semen use eight.

    Here's the; 495quot; - is an old Moscow code.

  • The 7 number in this code refers to the international telephone code of Russia (8 - from a landline phone). And the 499 code belongs to Moscow. Therefore, if an unfamiliar number with such initial figures is displayed on the phone, it may be the central branch of an institution whose services we use.

    7499 - the code of which city?

  • yes this is Moscow, the capital of Russia! + 7 499

  • Often we are called from different cities and we do not know where the call comes from and why we are called. If you are called from a number that starts with the numbers 7499, then know that you are called from the capital of our homeland.

  • Speaking correctly, the code sounds like "; + 7 499quot; or "; 8 499quot ;. Everyone knows that this code value is the telephone code of the capital of our Motherland, that is, Moscow. If you do not call from Moscow, you must first dial this code, and only then a specific phone number.

  • This is one of two codes of the city of Moscow. But it will be correct on 7499, and + 7499 - so it is displayed when you call from Moscow to your mobile phone number. When dialing from a landline phone, you should use the following sequence: 8 499 (phone number).

  • The telephone code + 7 499 belongs to the capital of Russia - Moscow. But it will be more accurate to say that 7 is the country code, and 499 is the city code. In order to call to Moscow, you must first dial + 7 or 8, then the city code 499, and then the subscriber's number.

  • This is the new code of Moscow, before there was only 495 (maybe, many remember that before this was 095, but this is about the past). At the same time 499 is really the code of Moscow, but 7 is the code of our country. You can type 8 instead of it, if you call from Russia.

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