8499 - the code of which city?

8499 - the code of which city?

  • 8499 city code Moscow. Usually people are misled by the figure 8, standing in front of the code of Moscow 499, so the question arises, code of which city 8499.

    In fact, the figure 8 denotes the internal long-distance communication of Russia, and city ​​code follows her. In the international encoding, the digit 8 is replaced by the number 7, which indicates the country code, in this case Russia.

  • The telephone code 8499 belongs not to the usual city, but to the glorious capital of the Russian Federation Moscow. However, 8-ka, which is at the beginning, is not part of the code, this figure serves only to reach the intercity. Therefore, if you are calling from a mobile, you do not need to replace it with + 7. Hence quot; purequot; the code of Moscow is 499.

  • (8) 499 is a phone code of a city in Moscow.

    Not long ago, due to the growing number of telephone subscribers in Moscow, a new code was introduced. Also the code of Moscow is the telephone code (8) 495. Now this is the only city in Russia with two codes.

  • Many users search on the Internet are asked the question "quot;code of which city, region 8499quot; or quot;code of which operator 8499quot ;?

    In fact, the answer is simple. 8944 (as well as + 7944) is fixed telephone code the capital of the Russian Federation - Moscow.

    Eight (along with + 7 in the second case) denotes the code of Russia (only 8 is an internal Russian code, and + 7 is an international code), and the 499 code points to a specific region, in our case, Moscow.

    For some, the more familiar Moscow code was 495, but recently all the capital numbers have been translated to 499 code, so now you just need to remember it.

    8499 - the code of which city?

  • 8499 is the code for the city of Moscow, similar to 8498, 8496. If we call from abroad, then instead of the figure eight we write + 7, and then 499, and the telephone number of the subscriber. So if your phone displays 8499 numbers, then you are called from the capital.

  • I think this is known to many residents of Russia that the Moscow city has a three-digit telephone code "499quot ;. Well, quot; 8quot; is an intercity connection. Here, for example, if you want to call from mobile to Moscow, then dial + 7 499 and then the number of the person.

  • The telephone code is 499, and + 7499 is the first figure of long-distance call from Moscow.

    Such calls are often received by many subscribers, since most of the head offices of various companies are located in the capital.

  • How can you not know the code of such a city, the center of the capital of Russia, is the code of the city of Moscow. If you call from the mobile, you need to dial + 7 then the city code 499, and if you call from a city phone, then dial 8 then 499 and your subscriber's number.

  • Eight (8) is the exit to the Russian line, and then 499 is Moscow's code since recently because Moscow code was 095 before, but now Moscow is divided into two parts and there are two codes 499 and 496. I will also say that Moscow is the only city in the Russian Federation that has two codes.

  • The quot; 8499quot; quot ;, more specifically quot; 499quot; belongs to the city Moscow.

    We type "8quot", the code itself, and after that the number itself. The variant of dialing from abroad is slightly different - here instead of quot; 8quot; enter quot; + 7quot ;.

    The codes 495, 496 and 498 also belong to this city.

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