How to get from Vnukovo to the metro station?

How to get from Vnukovo to the metro station?

  • The most convenient way to get from Vnukovo to the metro take advantage of Aeroexpress. Landing on Aeroexpress is made on the ground floor of Vnukovo airport. There are also vending machines for ticket sales. You can pay both cash and a bank card. The train runs on schedule, on average, once per hour. Go to the subway station 35 minutes.

    Aeroexpress arrives at the Kiev railway station, from where you can go directly to the ring line of the Moscow metro.

    If there is no time to wait for the nearest Aeroexpress, you can take a taxi. It will cost more, and there are no guarantees to get into the traffic jam.

  • The most convenient way, how to get from the airport Vnukovo to the metro is to take advantage of the Aeroexpress, which runs every hour to the Kievsky railway station (Kievskaya metro station).

    But, in addition, from Vnukovo can be reached by shuttle bus to the subway Oktyabrskaya or Yugo-Zapadnaya:

    How to get from Vnukovo to the metro station?

  • The cheapest is the buses 611 and 611s (express),

    slightly more expensive - minibus (before the Oktyabrskaya metro station),

    even more expensive - express to the Kiev railway station, runs every hour.

    If you eat from the airport in the morning, it's better to take aeroexpress, otherwise you'll get into the traffic jam.

  • From Vnukovo you can reach the following metro stations:

    Kievskaya (station on blue branch and annular). In this case, you need to use aeroexpress. This option is good and that excludes the possibility of getting into a difficult-to-forecast plug. Hence it is good to make transplantations to the roundabout and then to other branches.

    If you prefer red a subway line, then you can use public transport (bus 611, it's also with letters C and F), and the same bus 45. Then you arrive in the metro Юго-Западная. This is the end of the red branch.

    Here minus, you can stand in traffic.

    Orange or redhead branch: to metro station October (it is also circular), too, are commercial minibuses. See the 705M bus. But here too the problem of traffic jams.

  • The most convenient way to get there is by Aeroexpress, you do not need to stand in traffic jams. Get to the Kiev railway station, and there near the Kievskaya metro station. Also regularly from Vnukovo go minibus to the subway Oktyabrskaya or Yugo-Zapadnaya. You can also get in a taxi, but it's very expensive.

  • You can take a minibus from the Vnukovo terminal, go to the metro station "Slavyansky bulvar", you can by bus to "South-West"; (611 route).

    At the Aeroexpress it is possible for approximately 30 minutes to reach the metro station "Kievskaya"; - this is a ring line of the metro, then you can quickly get to another point in Moscow.

  • There are several ways, it all depends on the time you have, as well as finance. The fastest way is aeroexpress, it goes every hour. Travel time is no more than 40 minutes, an average of 35 minutes. He will bring you to the blue branch of the metro (Arbat-Pokrovskaya), namely, to the Kiev railway station. The cost of this ticket is 340 rubles. The ticket can be bought on the official website, as well as at the ticket offices (queues almost never happen), and can also be purchased at the terminal upon arrival or departure. The main thing is to save the barcode, because it is necessary to attach it to the terminal. If you buy a ticket on the site, it comes to e-mail (ticket) or to a mobile phone (barcode only).

    Details can be found here.

    The cheapest way is by bus. Only to get on them you need to get out of the terminal and go ahead, to the road. You left the terminal, you need to cross the airport road, then bypass the parking building, you will see the exit from the airport, there will also be a slag bar. You need to cross the big road to the opposite side (this is important, it is on the opposite side of the road, otherwise you can go to the deep suburbs !!!) and get up at the bus stop. It's about 300 meters, depending on which terminal you go to.

    Buses very often go to the subway, of course, depends on the time of day, but in the afternoon they go every 10-15 minutes. Travel time depends on the time of day, if in the morning during rush hours (when people go from Moscow to Moscow), you can get stuck for several hours. If the day, then usually the journey time is not more than one hour.

    Look at the signs of the buses, there should be written "metro", and on the bus listen to the stops that announce or look at the electronic display on the bus.

    Also, who in Moscow for the first time, I want to inform you that you need to inform the driver about the stop in advance (for 1-2 minutes), at the same time you need to press a special button on the bail at the door.

    From the grandson, it's easier and faster to get to the red metro line (sokolnicheskaya), to the south-west. The fare will be 100 rubles (this is the cost of 4 tickets that the driver will sell to you).

  • From Vnukovo airport to the nearest metro station can be accessed in several ways. If time is very limited, it's easier to take a taxi. You will be transported for 40-50 minutes. And if time allows, then it is perfectly possible to get there by bus. In details:

    How to get from Vnukovo to the metro station?

  • In order to get from Vnukovo to the metro, you can use several methods:

    1. The most budget option is the buses under the numbers 611. There is an ordinary bus, and there is an express train. So if you see the number 611, then boldly get on the bus. Approximate travel time 30 minutes. Landing from the metro "Southwest";
    2. Marshrutka number 705M. Landing from the metro "Oktyabrskaya". Travel time is about 40 minutes. The cost of 150 rubles.
    3. Express. For those who do not like to wait and save, I recommend choosing an expression that walks every hour and takes you directly to the Kiev railway station, from which you can easily walk to the metro.
  • In the same place (and, like, not only in Vnukovo) there is a kind of aeroexpress. This type of train is so special. From Vnukovo they go, like, to the Kiev station. We are looking for a schedule on the Internet or on the site of Vnukovo. Prices seem to be divine, in any case compared to private traders or taxis. The nearest station is Vnukovo South-Western.

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