How to obtain citizenship in Germany

How to obtain citizenship in Germany

  1. At present, if we do not take into account exceptional cases, there are two groups of Russian citizens who can count on moving to Germany for permanent residence, namely:

    -the street, going by the line of Jewish immigration

    -ethnic Germans ("late settlers")

    or call the German embassy in Moscow for accurate information.

  2. Вот тут Вам информации про натурализацию в Германии, ссылок на получение гражданства надавали. НО ЭТО ВСЕ НЕ ТО! Вы же интересуетесь получением гражданства на основании этнического происхождения -так? Ну тогда Вам надо смoтреть не требования по натурализации в законе гражданстве Германии, а закон о признании Вашего мужа этническим немцем с правом переезда в Германию и дальнейшим получением гражданства. Данный закон называется "Bundesvertriebenengesetz" ("Закон об изганных" - имеются ввиду этнические немцы в странах Восточной Европы пострадавшие от последсвтий Второй мировой войны, в виде депортаций, трудармии и т. п.) .

    Judging because your husband has relatives in Germany, then he also has a German background. But the presence of relatives, as well as the connection with them, this is absolutely not a decisive factor! Your husband will have to prove his German origin to the German Federal Department of Administration by submitting an application for recognizing himself as a late settler in the framework of the above-mentioned law on exiles. If the entire recognition procedure is successful and you receive an invitation to move to Germany, then literally in 2 months after moving to Germany (and not 8 years, as you wrote Illia Dru), your husband, and most importantly - you too (!) Get German citizenship (although if by that time your marriage will be more than 3 years).

    BUT! To all really succeed, your husband must comply with two criteria, which again puts forward the said law:

    1) у Вашего мужа в советском паспорте (если он его еще успел получить) - в графе нацинальность должна была стоять запись - "НЕМЕЦ" - потребуют копию учетной карточки из паспортного стола, если паспoрта не плучал, такая запись должна быть в паспорте отца или матери.

    2) Ваш муж должен владеть немецким языком на уровне родного и доказать это перед рабтниками немецкого консульства на специальном языковом тесте!

    Only if these two requirements are fulfilled your husband will be recognized as an ethnic German and will have the right to move with his family to Germany, where he will obtain German citizenship! Information on how to go through all this procedure can be found in the links here:

    Если с языком проблемы - может родители Вашего мужа, или их родители захотят воспользваться своим правом переехать в Германию? Если они конечно языкoм владеют.

    There is another option if the direct relatives of your husband - grandparents - were in Germany and / or received German citizenship during the Second World War. Then your husband has a chance to confirm the presence of his German citizenship - even to Germany you do not need to go - you can do everything by mail and get a German passport in the Consul of Germany in Russia! How to do this, see the link here:

  3. Get out there married)))
  4. oczen prostoe, wyjdi zamuz.
  5. You do not have a chance at this type of immigration. The presence of relatives does not mean getting a residence permit, permanent residence and citizenship.
    Go to study or work (you can not do without a language (both English and German)), get a residence permit first, after fulfilling certain conditions you can get permanent residence.

    There is another new forum about Germany. Ask there.

    In general, if you are looking for a better life, you will not be able to find it in Germany. We must work and try all the same. As in any country.

  6. To do this, you need to have a reason to be invited to Germany for permanent residence. And there really figure out what position is right for you! I'm afraid to disappoint you, but this degree of kinship, in my opinion,
    не является поводом! Вам надо быть немцами и прилично владеть немецким. К тому же, в Вашей профессии должны быть заинтересованы в Германии. Удачи!
  7. Русскоязычный форум - Германия по-русски. Иммиграционные, визовые и консульские вопросы. Там Вы можете задавать любые вопросы и всегда получать нужную вам информацию или советы людей, приживающих в Германии.
    For some reason, I can not insert a link:
  8. How to become a citizen of Germany?

    To obtain German citizenship by naturalization is possible only after a certain number of years. In general, you need to stay in the status of official resident of Germany for eight years, as well as fulfill certain conditions.
    In most cases, the conditions are as follows:
    - действующие разрешения для проживания в стране Aufenthaltserlaubnis или Aufenthaltsberechtigun.
    - proof of legal residence in Germany for eight years.
    - guaranteeing the existence of a livelihood for you and people who depend on you financially. This provision does not include social assistance and unemployment benefits (except for persons under the age of 23 years).
    - sufficient level of knowledge of the German language.
    - Oath of German legislation.
    - the need for mandatory renunciation of your former citizenship status (although in some cases there are exceptions).
    Spouses and children can obtain the status of citizenship by naturalization, even in cases where the number of years of residence in the country does not amount to 8. For people who are officially married to German citizens, it is necessary to live in marriage for at least two years, and spouses who are German citizens must live in the country for at least three years from the date of application.
    Brochure Wie werde ich Deutscher (How can I become a German?) Gives advice on obtaining the status of German citizenship. This brochure is available on the website of the German Immigration Service (Beauftragten der Bundesregierung f # 252; r Migration, Fl # 252; chtlinge und Integration) -

    Children: German citizenship by birthright.

    The citizenship of Germany is determined by origin from German parents, and not by place of birth. Children whose father or mother are Germans automatically acquire the status of citizenship. However, not all children born in Germany become citizens, in fact, about 100 000 children are born from foreigners temporarily or illegally residing in Germany.
    If both parents are foreigners, the child born in Germany automatically obtains the status of German citizenship only under conditions such as the existence of a valid Aufenthaltsberechtigung permit and residence in the country of at least eight or if the persons have had the permit unbefristete Aufenthaltserlaubnis for three years. Children in such cases are entitled to choose citizenship, in particular German or the citizenship of their parents, which comes into force after 18 years.
    h ttp: // the link is blocked by the decision of the project administration

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