When do buses, trolleybuses and trams start to go in Moscow?

When do buses, trolleybuses and trams start to go in Moscow?

  • Bus fleets in Moscow are starting to work not at the same time.

    Start the work of bus parks - from 5 to 6 in the morning.

    Some buses leave on line and after 6 hours.

    Route taxis on departure time are no different from buses.

    Routes and schedule of vehicles can be viewed here.

    Some land transport works at night:

    When do buses, trolleybuses and trams start to go in Moscow?

  • Public transport in the Russian capital Moscow begins its movement in 5 hours 30 minutes of the morning. Individual routes begin their work with 6 in the morning. On the official website of Mosgortrans, you can see the scheme and mode of operation of a particular route, see the traffic schedule. Individual routes continue to move at night, and a taxi works around the clock, if you can not get away by public transport.

  • There is no single start for buses, trolleybuses and trams. For example, the bus route 29 (Kuzminsky Park - Metro "Tekstilshiki") begins traffic from the stop "Kuzminsky park"; in 5: 20 hours, and from the Metro stop "; Tekstilschiki"; in 5: 57 hours.

    The timetable for the movement of a particular route can be found at Mosgortrans site. also for the convenience of passengers, there is an interactive route map, information on the beginning of movement and the end of movement of a particular route and the intervals between the movement of the selected transport route.

    Not all routes are available on the Mosgortrans website, so in addition you can use the service here at this address

  • Depends on the selected transport. For example, the first tram 3 leaves on a route Balaklavsky ave. - Metro quot; Clean pondsquot; on working days in 05: 33. And the first tram from the metro stop "Clean Ponds"; in 05: 32.

    The first trolleybus 95 along the metro route "Krasnopresnenskaya"; - Savelovsky station in 05: 30, the first trolleybus from Savelovsky station in 05: 48.

    The first bus 215 station Khovrino metro "Petrovsko-Razumovskaya"; comes out of the depot in 05: 36, and from the Metro's quotes "Petrovsko-Razumovskaya"; in 06: 04.

    It is impossible to specify exactly how much public transport enters its route, you need to look at the schedule for a specific transport number and their route. Schedule can be found here.

  • In 5.30 morning public transport begins its work. But this is averaged. In general, I should start at five zero o'clock in the morning, but ... It does not always work out. This applies to buses, trolleybuses and trams. The Metro starts walking from 6.00 in the morning. Marshrutki with 7.00.

  • The fact is that not all public transport routes in Moscow start working at the same time. In addition, the time can vary depending on what day of the week is weekdays or weekends.

    On the site tr-mosckow.ru you can see not only the start time, but also the full schedule of buses, trams and trolleybuses. A little difficult to understand, so I'll give a step-by-step instruction.

    • go by link
    • "watch the traffic schedule of the buses, trams or trolleybuses
    • click the number of the route we need
    • choose everyday work
    • the final station of the route.

    And before us - the minute schedule of this route, from the first flight to the last.

  • In 5 hours 30 minutes of land transport starts to walk, in the subway around 6 morning run, although in the morning I got ten years ago at such a time, but at night last year, arriving late in the airport, at one o'clock in the morning went into the subway and at thirty came out.

  • The movement of public transport begins in Moscow in different areas differently, but in general, somewhere between 5 and 6 in the morning. In extreme cases, for individual routes that are not heavily loaded and run at a long interval, the start of work can be in the 6-7 hours. You can find out in more detail how long a journey begins on a specific route on the site. Mosgortrans.

    Choose the type of transport, the route, the day of the week, the direction, the stop you need and you will get the exact time when the trams, buses and trolley buses in Moscow begin their movement.

  • Different transport companies start their work at different times, but in the overwhelming case from 5 hours to 6 hours, only a few later, the most unloaded routes with a large interval of movement. Find out the time of movement of the first vehicles can here.

  • Trams and trolley buses in Moscow begin to walk from 6 in the morning. Most buses and minibuses begin to work in 6: 30. And only some routes (mostly starting their route from the outskirts of the city) start working from 5 in the morning. They need to get to the center, where most of the passengers work, so you can leave early on these buses.

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