What is a cork fee in a restaurant?

What is a cork fee in a restaurant?

  1. * Cork collection - the worldwide practice of charging the restaurant with a small fee for the opportunity for the customer to bring his own alcohol. Work with alcohol in the restaurant involves a fairly serious effort of maintenance personnel, namely:
    before the banquet: alcohol loading in the restaurant, storage in the warehouses of the restaurant, bringing to the desired temperature in front of the banquet
    preparation and rubbing glassware (up to 5 units per guest)
    Opening of bottles and work with serving guests alcohol during a banquet.

    Currently, the cork fee in the Kupechesky restaurant is 150 rubles for each bottle opened in the restaurant.

  2. And in the Tiki-bar cork - 1200 rub. for a bottle!
  3. Cork collection in the restaurant is charged with each open, but brought with a bottle. Varies in different restaurants in different ways.
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