How to have fun on the beach - tips for teenage girls

Here comes the long-awaited summer. You must have imagined millions of times for long autumn and winter days, we'll lie on the beach, substituting our hands, feet, face with the warm rays of the warm sun. And the blue water will gleam, winking whitish lambs and gently rubbing the fingers of your feet.

And now here it is - very close, literally huddled in your palm, it remains only to collect a beach bag and go to the nearest pond. And it does not matter, whether it's the sea, the lake or the river, all the same, there pass moments of bliss from idleness and bright sun, and at some point you begin to feel boredom! But getting rid of it is actually simple, it's enough to read our advice, and a fun summer on the beach you provided!

Summer on the beach for teens

Express your "Opinion"

Cozy fit with her friends on a huge blanket, look around and carefully look at others. Connect fantasy, and you will learn a lot of interesting stories. To do this, you need to choose someone from the beach, for example, the woman in the pink swimsuit, and try to guess how her name is, who she works with, whether she has a husband, how many children she has, whether she is strict or kind.

For example, you see that the corners of her lips are slightly lowered: most likely, she is often dissatisfied with something and is often angry. And your friend must question every one of your judgments, so your task is to prove to her the correctness of your words.

For example, you say that a woman has a great taste, as evidenced by a beautiful pink swimsuit, and her friend retorts that she does not, she has no taste, she just bought what first came to her eyes before leaving for the sea.

This game is called "Opinions", it will help you not only to brighten up time on the beach, but also to develop logical thinking, observation, thanks to it you will be easier to express your thoughts and justify them. So vacation will be useful for the soul and school!

Express your "Opinion"

Funny "Stories"

Going to the beach, do not forget to take a notebook and a couple of pens with you, they will be useful to you. Under the umbrella on the beach you can play a wonderful game "Storyteller", and the more people will participate in it, the merrier. So, take a sheet of paper and write the beginning of the story at the top, but only so that none of the players can see what you are writing.

The narrative can be started as you like, for example: "Alina tinted her lips, collected her bag and went ...". Then you bend your sheet so that the next one who will write does not see your text and ask him a suggestive question: "Where did you go?". He, in turn, continues: "She went to the library and took there ..." and passes the leaf further with her question: "What took?" and so on, gradually twisting a piece of paper. When the sheet is finished and there is nowhere to write, you unfold it and read the finished story. Since everyone wrote what he wanted, the story turns out to be very cheerful.

Undoubtedly, after such pastime 12 points for the Russian language you are provided.

Merry summer at the beach

Unusual Dating

Summer, sun, beach - there is no better place and time for romantic acquaintances. Look around, find a nice boy and meet him. But not just, but invent some original way. For greater excitement, offer this and his girlfriend, just look, that she chose to meet another guy, or the merry vacation can turn into a quarrel and unpleasant clarification of the relationship. Especially since there are a lot of nice boys on the beach in the summer, they also like to luxuriate in the sun.

So, put this idea into the hands of your girlfriend, and compete, who will get the most original way of dating. Experiencing that the guy does not want to get acquainted with you is not worth it at all: firstly, many children just like you are probably bored and not unwilling to make friends with charming girls, and secondly, the essence of dating is precisely that, so that the guy first asked your name.

To begin with, we can suggest a couple of ways:

  1. You and your girlfriend pretend that you are playing volleyball and then the ball, allegedly accidentally, flies in the direction of the guy, you run after him and at the most "inopportune moment" you fall, clinging to the boy's hand. Then you get up, smile and ask forgiveness for an unpleasant situation. A real gentleman, after seeing such a beauty, will necessarily ask her name, and invite to the ice cream.
  2. Buy ice cream, only in a waffle cup. Try to keep the glass as small as possible, and there's more ice cream in it. Passing by the guy, pretend that you are discussing a very important topic with a girlfriend and, "casually" waving your hand, turn the ice cream on the boy, then be embarrassed, tell him that you did not want to and everything will be wiped out, surely he will smile and get acquainted with you. But if these methods do not suit you, include fantasy and invent your own, especially since their action can be tested right there in practice.


9 interesting activities on the beach:

  1. On the beach you can always practice in versification. Try to write at least one line, and the thought will flow itself, lining up in beautiful words on a piece of paper. You look, and by autumn you will have your own collection of poems. In time, you will become a poet, and your work will be studied at school.
  2. You always do not have enough time to choose the model of sundress for the super party that you want. And on the beach you can think well and draw a pattern of exactly the dress that you like the most. You will have the opportunity to consider a large number of options and choose the most perfect outfit.
  3. Try to learn a foreign language. Try to talk to your girlfriend only in English or Italian. Foreign speech immediately crashes into the ears of others, and you will pay attention. Thus, with one shot, you will kill two birds with one stone.
  4. Organize a competition with your friends for the most beautiful sand sculpture. Wet sand is the material with which it is easiest to put into practice any, even the most intricate forms. It is easy to sculpt, so it is quite easy to create a variety of small details, and in fact thanks to them the statue will be unique, and it will not be difficult to restore the fallen ear or horn of the statue. Dare!
  5. Remember the wonderful fortune-telling of the book, and you and your friends will find out what is waiting for you tonight. To do this, take any book, for example the one that you are reading now, guess the page number and the string (for example, 56-page, 5-line from the top), open in the appropriate place and read. Often the same, checked!
  6. Do not forget that swimming not only brings a lot of pleasure, but also improves the figure. Try to spend at least fifteen minutes a day to practice aqua aerobics. So, you enter the water on the chest and do the usual charging, but in the water the main thing is not to bend your arms and legs, you should feel the resistance of the water. If you swim well, it's best to do exercises at a depth, so that your feet do not touch the ground. Try, the result will please you!
  7. Volleyball, badminton, scootering - all this will not only significantly raise your mood, but also there will be a chance to get acquainted with a pretty brunette or blonde. If you and your girlfriends are missing people for playing ball, you can always invite to play with you some handsome.
  8. The sea and the sun have some amazing gift of peace and tranquility. Lie down on the beach, take a piece of paper and make plans for the near future, think about what is most important for you and how to put it into practice. If you have a lot of problems, then there is no better place than the beach, in order to understand everything. Close your eyes and think about what's bothering you, dig in the middle of memory and understand what caused the conflict or problem. Then calculate all possible solutions. You will be surprised, but the way out of the situation is instant, probably this is a magic property of the beach.
  9. You can play Crocodile. Ideally, if the game will involve at least four people. For example, you say very quietly in your friend's ear a word, let there be an "elephant". She in turn shows this word, while it is forbidden to pronounce the words. The rest should guess it, and the first one, who guessed, will show the following words. A guess is his girlfriend, who just pictured the concept.

Pleasant summer on the beach, tips

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