Shopping before you drop: Milan

"Chic earned by hard work" - so ironically characterize the other Europeans the atmosphere reigning in Milan. And it is true. "The main buyers of expensive brands are the middle class, making serious economic efforts to buy things with coveted labels," says advertising specialist Wally Olins.

American writer David Brooks coined for this category of people an amusing term bourgeois boheme - bourgeois bohemia, thus denoting the intellectual and creative part of the middle class, whose representatives are neither prosperous functionaries nor wealthy inhabitants. Slightly a snob, however open to everything new, they avoid wearing expensive suits. But, clearly understanding how important an image for career growth is, they easily buy a leather jacket with an applique for the price of two good coats.

As Giorgio Armani said: "Style is the only luxury you can afford, regardless of whether you have money or not." In Milan, fashion is invented. And here it is sold. Therefore, shopping in this city is akin to religion. It is not necessary to purchase a whole wardrobe, but it is necessary to take a pair of jeans. Even if it's not in your plans. But why did you come here then?

Heart of fashion

The "golden mile" of shopping is located in the heart of Milan. Here the most famous world brands have built their beautiful "chapels". Here their promised land, where there are real acropolis of fashion. All the best from Armani - in Giorgio Armani Superstore. Prada's creations await you at the boutique on via Sant'Andrea. Things from the hooligan Dolce & Gabbana - to Corso Venezia, and a few houses - boutique Miu Miu. To buy something from Moschino, go to via della Spiga. The famous La Perla store is located in the house No. 1 on the most important trendy street - via Montenapoleone. It is worth going to the other side - and before you will open the doors of Versace. Next - Ferragamo, Etro, Gucci, Iceberg, Ungaro.

Only Milan

Walks in the native places alta moda are necessary, rather to keep up with the times, and not to take home full bags of new "Pucci Gucci". And anyway, superbrands are unoriginal. To fill up the wardrobe where as interesting things are little-known outside of Milan design brands. Therefore, look into the multi-brand stores (Fiorucci, Dantone, 10 Corso Como), where apart from the actual clothes there are accessories and books on design.

Fiorucci Milan


A little further from the center is a haven for studios of beginning designers. Many student fashion houses shine with avant-garde interiors and ambitious prices. Although you can consider them as art galleries, where suddenly what you like. To desires are not much devastated purse, they came up with a blochisti, in our opinion sinks. Some are worthy of at least an hour's visit. Unlike Moscow, it is really inexpensive.

After shoping

When you release "shoppogolizm", sit in a cafe near the majestic cathedral of the Duomo. Or take a stroll to Costello Sforza. Or get out of town - on the beautiful mountain lakes of Como and Lago Maggiore, surrounded by alpine peaks.

Costello Sforza

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