What should I write in the CV in the paragraph "about myself" \ "Business and personal qualities"?

What should I write in the CV in the paragraph "about myself" \ "Business and personal qualities"?

  • You can write like anything, you can think of something original, of course it's better not to write the truth and the more negative. In any case, most of the jobs most prestigious are sought with the help of acquaintances, classmates and classmates are a strong social motivation, as well as former and true mistresses are employed without any resumes, in any case if a person is pleasant in communication knows how to file, he will get a job if a man is unpleasant and no one likes him, he does not shine, even if he is a genius in his forehead.

    Wealth, wealth is always a consequence of the mind and diligence?

    Poverty, poverty are always the result of stupidity and laziness?

    Knowledge of foreign languages ​​as it helps in a career?

    What kind of work should be to travel around the world?

  • It seems to me that it is better to write the truth about my business and personal qualities in the CV. And if to embellish, then quite a bit, because, in the process of teamwork and communication, nothing can be hidden. And if you embellish, then you must try to match.

  • The answer to this question must be necessarily truthful, because all the same then the truth will be revealed. But your best qualities should not forget to list, do not be modest. For example, the ability to learn, the ability to listen and understand the orders of the authorities, resistance to stress. If you mean working in a team, then the ability to team work, etc.

  • Section "Business and personal qualities"; when writing a resume should be written based on the status of the requested position. If you are applying for the position of a manager, then the qualities should be appropriate: stress-resistance, sociability and so on.

    If you plan to work not with people, but with a computer, but bring to the fore such qualities as diligence, accuracy, responsibility and so on.

    Personally, when I read a resume, I'm always looking for a quot; zest ;, since quot ;, template; business and personal qualities sometimes "boxed". Therefore, always try to write sincerely.

    Most employers value the same qualities:

    business - creativity, the ability to work in a team, the ability to show initiative, self-motivation and so on.

    personal - responsibility, stress, sociability, decency and so on.

  • You need to write what the employer wants to hear and see, for example, if he is looking for a driver, you can write cheerful, experienced, well know city and region, if, for example, the guard is looking for, then accordingly you can draw attention to this quality and write that you easy to navigate in an unfamiliar place and easily get in touch with strangers!

  • The very first thing I do when looking for a new job is to compose a competent resume, which necessarily reflects:

    1. information about yourself
    2. education
    3. experience
    4. personal characteristics.

    The last time when I compiled the resume I was helped by these recommendations http://ktovdele.ru/chto-napisat-o-sebe-v-rezyume-dlya-priema-na-rabotu.html.

    In business and personal qualities I wrote: punctuality, learning ability, the ability to find a way out of conflict situations, purposefulness, sociability, initiative.

  • Business - high working capacity, ability to work in a team, the ability to find effective solutions and work for results. Personal - high stress resistance, perseverance, goodwill, ability to build good relations with people. It is also necessary to take into account what resume should be, whether work is related to contacts with people, or vice versa, quiet communication with the computer.

  • This point needs to be described with some restraint, but at the same time it is not stupid, insofar as all the necessary information you have already listed in other paragraphs of the resume, and in this the employer is interested in your personal self-esteem. Do not forget that for an average worker, leadership qualities and "charisma"; are not supposed, and communication and stress-resistance are important. For some professionals, such qualities as corrosiveness and pedantry may be required. Well, stated in the resume should correspond to reality, otherwise in the interview the contradiction declared with the reality will still be noticeable.

  • Compiling a Resume is an important step in finding a job. Taking into account that labor and professionalism are now a commodity, one must be able to profitably sell this product and as any product it needs to be advertised qualitatively.

    An important clause in the summary is Деловые и личные качества. Optimum, it's honest to write about your business and personal qualities, slightly embellishing dignity and minimizing shortcomings. In this case, your resume will look plausible and will not cause distrust. You should not over-praise yourself, since personnel officers, as a rule, are experienced people and will immediately discern dishonesty.

  • Just doing that I compose a resume and look for different opinions about this in the network. By the way, here I came across recommendations http://zhenskayaplaneta.ru/chto-pisat-v-rezyume-7-rasprostranyonnyih-oshibok.htmshy;l, which also deserve attention. Maybe someone will help. Yes, about business and personal qualities - I want to remind everyone who is looking for a job, that they meet on the ezhk (summary), but see off in the mind. Therefore, in order not to be held forever after the interview, do not lie too much, writing a description about your qualities, abilities, achievements and goals!

  • Business qualities are always highly appreciated by any employer. Therefore, when you are hiring, you need to submit yourself as best you can - to advertise.

    For example, the in the summary in the quot; about myself; Business and personal qualities write:

    • I can work with any team;
    • quickly find a way out of the difficult situation;
    • I have the ability to negotiate;
    • adequately perceive criticism.

    Of course, all this will be submitted as an example, and any person wishing to take the appropriate position must write about himself exclusively truthful information. Otherwise, if he is not sycophant, he will not last long in this company.

    What should I write in the CV in the paragraph "about myself" \ "Business and personal qualities"?

  • In the paragraph Business and personal qualities, it is necessary to praise yourself so unobtrusively that the employer wishes to see you among his employees.

    It is better to write that you are a responsible, persistent, punctual and dynamic person, sociable, love and know how to work in a team (if the work assumes a similar scenario), and among personal qualities one can single out optimism, stress tolerance, tolerance.

    Of course, it is desirable that all these qualities are present in your character in fact. If this is not there, they can be gradually developed, and otherwise the fraud will quickly open.

  • for example:

    In the summary of the item "about myself";

    • Business qualities (stress-resistance, responsiveness, ability to find common language with people, optimism, ability to find effective solutions and work for results
    • personal qualities (perseverance, communicative, confident user of something either.)
  • You can indicate the following business qualities: stress resistance, ability to work in a team, the ability to find a common language with people, responsibility, responsiveness, politeness, punctuality, optimism, perseverance, ability to achieve goals.

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