How to arrange stars on shoulder straps?

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How to arrange stars on shoulder straps?

  • How to arrange stars on shoulder straps?

    Since the shoulder straps can be said to be a military rank, in principle the basic relationship between the number and size of the stars is understandable.

    Below is a standardized procedure for placing zvzd on epaulettes of a particular rank.

    How to arrange stars on shoulder straps?

    How to arrange stars on shoulder straps?

  • Although in different versions of the everyday form there are differences in the color and style of the clothes, but the number of stars on the shoulder straps remains the same. Usually stars on epaulets are placed from the bottom upwards and their diameter and quantity depends on what title has their owner.

    Below is a table that shows the correct arrangement of stars on shoulder straps and what each number means.

    How to arrange stars on shoulder straps?

  • It depends on the title.

    If it's a lieutenant, then there are only two asterisks and they are located across the shoulder line at about 2,5 cm from the edge.

    The senior lieutenant - to these two asterisks one more is added in the center of the shoulder strap, thus forming a triangle. It is located closer to the neck at 2,5 cm.

    Captain - to starleyskimi three stars in the form of a triangle is added one more star in the center of the shoulder strap at 2,5 cm closer to the neck.

    Higher officers have larger stars:

    Major - one star in the center of the shoulder strap at 4,5cm from the edge.

    Lieutenant Colonel - 2 stars - location as a lieutenant.

    Colonel - the location of a triangle like a starlet.

  • A serviceman is a citizen who is in the military service. Each serviceman differs in rank. In the Russian Federation there are a total of 20 military ranks, 2-type army and navy. On the sergeant's epaulettes there are metal crochets (corners). Narrow (5mm) Wide (15mm) golden color. The officers and ensigns on the epaulettes have metallic gold stars.

  • Thus, the military has different titles in order to be able to look and immediately understand who is before you, what rank is in the hierarchy, as in the police there is a system for its employees and in some other state bodies.

  • the location of the stars on the shoulder straps depends on the rank.

    stars are from ensigns to generals, here already from the rank and the size of the stars and their number depends.

    The larger the star, the steeper.

    at ensign - 2 small, senior ensign - 3 small asterisks on epaulettes without lumens (this is a strip along epaulets)

    lieutenant, senior lieutenant, captain - 2, 3, 4, respectively, on the chase is already one lumen, that is, one strip in the middle of epaulettes.

    Major, Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel - already big stars (less of course than the general, but still better) - 1, 2, 3, respectively, on epaulettes with two gaps.

    the generals 1, 2, 3, respectively, in the rank of Major-General, lieutenant-general, colonel-general, there are already big stars without lumens on a gold background)

  • The arrangement of the insignia (stars) on epaulets depends on the rank and type of shoulder straps (sewn or removable).

    If it is generalized, then the star distribution distances are measured from the lower edge of the run to the center of the star. Depending on the rank of military, the distance to the first star on the shoulder straps for all categories must be 2,5 cm, except for military ranks, the junior lieutenant; major and major general. These military ranks are the only star, so it is located at a distance of 45 cm from the bottom edge of the shoulder strap.

    Everyone has other military ranks, where there are several stars on the race, the distance from the center of the first star, to the center of the next stars is also 2,5 centimeters.

    For example: the captain of the star is located on the principle that the first row of two stars is located from the bottom edge of the shoulder strap at 2,5 cm (to the center of the star), the next two stars are located along the central gap at distances of 2,5 cm from each other.

    On detachable shoulder straps (they are somewhat shorter than the shoulder straps), the distance between the stars is slightly different for some categories of servicemen (higher officers) and is equal to 2,2 and 4,5.

    On the table All distances between stars on epaulets are indicated:

    How to arrange stars on shoulder straps?

    Here for clarity:

    How to arrange stars on shoulder straps?

  • The number of stars, as well as their proper placement, determines this or that rank.

    So, let's first discuss the number of stars for different titles:

    Well, the arrangement of stars should be oriented as follows:

  • Here a complex system of location of these very stars, which depends on the title. It will be clearer if there is a table that just explains all this:

    How to arrange stars on shoulder straps?

    Even the distance from the shoulder straps is important, even in mm.

  • Receiving the next rank in the service, it means not only a cash prize and a salary increase and the extension of benefits, but it's also a change in the location of the insignia on epaulettes.

    With each new rank one star is added, and everything begins with one small aluminum star of yellow color - this is the rank (in the officer's staff) - Junior lieutenant.

    After the captain attains the next asterisk, his four stars turn into one big diameter, which means the rank of major.

    After receiving four more stars of this diameter, the recipient gets again one star, but even more than the previous one and the title already sounds - Major General.

    table of stars on shoulder straps

  • Location zvzd on shoulder straps depends not only on the specific title, but also on the size of the star.

    For example, a large marshal's star is located almost in the middle of the shoulder strap.

    The Colonel's stars are in the same line, about 2,5 cm from the edge of the shoulder strap, and there are three of them too (the same arrangement was with the senior ensign, the senior midshipman, but the stars are small, like the Colonel, in the Colonel's triangle.

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