How to set up Samsung TV for receiving digital TV channels?

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How to set up Samsung TV for receiving digital TV channels?

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    The Samsung TV has a built-in DVB-C digital signal decoder. This feature can find you additional channels in digital quality

    DVB-C is a standard for digital television broadcasting, carried out by cable.

    Go to the TV menu, select the channel item, in the Antenna tab, select the cable item,

    Select the auto tuning item in which you select the source item, then click Search.

    All the settings have been completed,

  • In the video below, you can see the funerary setup guide for the Samsung TV (ES5557 model) digital TV channels. As they say in the description, this instruction on settings will suit other models of this manufacturer.

  • The Samsung TV has a built-in DVB-C digital signal decoder. It was this advantage that enabled me to find digital digital channels in the cable, but for this I had to perform a number of settings.

    We go to the channel setting item and select "cable search parameters". Fill with values.

    The beginning of the range is 442Mhz.

    The end of the range is 586Mhz.

    Modulation - 256 QAM.

    Transmission speed - 6750Kb

    Then we run a full search for digital channels from the cable source.

    That's all the manipulations, thanks to which I found in the cable 5 HD channels, 40 programs, 10 radio stations and a lot of fun from the results.

  • Set up reception of digital TV channels on a Samsung TV is not very difficult. The most important thing is for your TV to be able to do this.

    To get started, go to "; Menu;"; "Channel;"; "Auto-configuration"; and select the "quot; cable; and channel type "quot; Digitalquot; (or "Digital and analogue".) Click "Next". Select the search mode "Quit; Quick"; Network "Auto"; and start the search. As a result of the search, you will find the channels.

  • Let's first understand what is the standard DVB-C which is available from Samsung brand TV, why it is needed, what functions it has, what it can bring to us, what are the advantages.


    As a result of the search, we can already see 219 TV channels and 49 radio channels found on this picture.

  • Here is a short video on setting up a Samsung UE40F6400 TV for receiving digital channels. There is no sound in the video. Just a sequence of actions on the screen. When viewing a video, you may need to expand it to the full screen so that the inscriptions are normally visible. By the way, the maximum resolution of the video 1080p (HD).

  • For televisions that are released in 2013-14, Samsung on its official website gives the following recommendations for setting up digital channels. But you need to keep in mind that for different modifications the order may be slightly different, therefore, in case of difficulties, it is suggested to contact the questions in the chat or by e-mail. So:

  • and when connecting through an antenna, you need to enter the frequency and the country?

  • In general, the question is correct and necessary, because not everyone understands the settings of the TV. And even in digital television, connecting a TV set to it, too, there are complex moments.

    On the other hand, the staff of the company should usually customize the reception of satellite television channels.


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