Who are standing on the heating parapet boilers, your feedback ....

Who are standing on the heating parapet boilers, your feedback ....

  1. A cheap, budgetary solution, other than the price of the issue, no advantages.
    I operate such 7 boilers for years with the Honiwell automatic system and the circulation pump working overhead.
    With domestic automation and without pumps, a continuous headache.
    The main drawback of all boilers of this type, they all without exception destroy the brick wall of the house, condensate. In some cases, the walls have to be shifted, the boiler body is often deformed with a long blowing by the wind, after several years of operation there are cases of evaporation of water through the heat exchanger. Serious firms do not produce such boilers, but give the attachment to ordinary floor boilers. Many owners are tormented by changing Parapetnye ktly the next year.
  2. I put -XXXXXXXX, with a coaxial pipe. 310 year works fine, only in winter it has large suctions formed, you need to periodically knock down. And turn the exhaust down, so that water does not suck.
  3. In general, this is not parapet ... Parapet boilers are non-volatile, there is no pump or electronics ... The principle of operation is like that of a conventional boiler, only the combustion chamber is isolated from the room. simply speaking, the air intake for combustion comes from the street. They work inconstantly, in the sense that the discharge is walking, very scrupulous to the installation of the chimney (a hole in the wall under the coaxial chimney) and capricious at work, to whom as lucky ...
  4. Parapet gas boilers with steel heat exchanger. Non-volatile (with the removal of combustion products through the wall).


    * do not require connecting the chimney;
    * can be installed in apartments and private homes;
    * The optimum size for installation in any convenient place;
    * simplicity of design;
    link is blocked by the decision of the project administration

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