A touching congratulation for one year from his parents?

A touching congratulation for one year from his parents?

  • Слов ребенок точно не поймет. ИМХО, но для такого малыша самым трогательным поздравлением будет что-то яркое и впечатляющее.

    For example, I like special children's cakes from age-appropriate products (only they have to be ordered in advance). They are made in the form of multi-heroes or even simply in a fairy-tale form.

    A touching congratulation for one year from his parents?

    You can also buy balls and hang them in the nursery (for example, surround the baby's crib with colored balls (but not too large and bright, because the baby can be frightened half-awake).

    A touching congratulation for one year from his parents?

    A touching congratulation for one year from his parents?

    And still it is possible to make of figure "1quot" from balls or other materials (felt, a fabric, a paper ...).

    A touching congratulation for one year from his parents?

    A touching congratulation for one year from his parents?

  • We spent one year on our oldest daughter just a family holiday in a narrow circle. I made the table and cake myself, baked Napoleon, decorated with a single.

    The youngest for a year invited a large company and ordered the entertainment of a trained poodle. The children were delighted.

    And at the expense of poetry, I believe that you yourself must write these lines or just wishes. After all, you are the best in the world know your baby and your family and these lines will come from your very heart and the most hidden depths of your soul.

  • Happy birthday I congratulate and wish from the heart that I would grow up and be healthy Angelic love for you that everything in life would come true everything that you did not want, that the sun would smile from your beautiful eyes, what a joyful smile would illuminate you the way from the heart to you I wish to accept, hold my friend !!! quot; PS / ice-29quot;

  • Here's a year-old shalunishke!

    The house is all right on the ears,

    The laughter of the children is very loud

    Heard here and here and there!

    A quick, quick little son,

    The world itself knows,

    He makes us happy all the time

    At night, in the afternoon and in the mornings!

  • I think, excuse me, that your little one is too small. And this holiday is more yours. Celebrate yourself as follows. Year certainly was not easy and troublesome, it will be remembered to you forever. Take off the child on the video, and how he will grow up to look and show him what he was small and funny))))). Take care of it and love it. This is more expensive for him than any show.

  • Today exactly one year old baby.

    Around the wonderful world of discovery.

    I always hurry to help him

    And I remember again the forgotten council.

    Among the everyday hustle and bustle

    Fill the child with attention,

    Reap beautiful fruits,

    When you put maximum effort.

    Let the baby smile the destiny

    And happiness will meet on the road,

    The road will be fabulously bright,

    We wish to live with dignity.

  • Obsession, devilry,

    Rewritten completely future,

    You came the best man in the world,

    Selflessly loved and loving.

    A gentle, sleepy purring cat -

    Il tigress, ready all to shreds,

    I'll stay with you a little,

    And then and then as you will.

    There is no such thing, fudge ...

    in my head quiet thoughts quarrel ...

    To this way to the primitive,

    up to the aching night insomnia,

    Where are the seconds of autumn leaves

    Fall from the rattling riflemen ...

    Stopping time is meaningless,

    It is better to quietly breathe the present,

    Feeling, like, pain paid,

    Happiness, a room flooded,

    On the chest curled up ...

    I'm afraid even to move,

    So that he can not be frightened off inadvertently.

    The night tiptoed through the windows,

    My man is dozing at my side.

    He will soon

    turn a year ...

  • Create a video with baby photos and short videos. In the video, you can add touching words. Hang the balls around the room. Cake baby 1 year is not needed, this is a treat for adults. And do not need a kid either poetry, cake, or a huge number of guests. The best congratulation for him will be your sincere words about how you will love him, and the best gift is your communication, attention and excellent mood.

  • Happy Birthday Baby!

    Your holiday has already come.

    Be happy, our stout.

    Набирайся роста, сил.

    Reach any heights

    Day by day, by time hour.

    Let love live with you.

    You grow and please us.

    This is your first year

    He is the most important of all.

    Be happy, our dear!

    Let your ringing laughter sound!

  • She got pregnant and a fire lit up in her heart -

    Love burned up alone and forever.

    And taking your pen for the first time in the palm of your hand,

    I realized that I fell in love carelessly.

    The days were running and the hours went by,

    You grew up, my baby, grew big,

    And that we did not do, than would not suffer

    I was and will be forever with you!

    And the love that once was lit by a spark,

    Do not die out in the heart, I just know.

    Stronger love you every day.

    Happy birthday to you, my baby, I congratulate you!

  • I write texts in a poetic form to order and if your son was 15-18, I would understand your desire to give him personalized lines, and a one-year-old little one, believe me, it's not necessary.

    It will grow, he will need understanding and warmth, the confidence that his houses will always be understood and helped, and all the lines spoken at such a pointless age are, it's not for him that you are trying for the public.

    Not necessary!

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