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Among garden designers, new types of fences, such as hedges, are gaining popularity. As a design attribute this type of fencing is known since the era of ancient Greece. It was there that the fashion for hedges appeared. Tradition to protect their territory, using plants, was continued by people in the Middle Ages, and then in the modern period. The hedge is actual today. This type of fencing aims to beautify the site, make it original and at the same time it performs an important function: it protects the site owners from unnecessary views, hides all the shortcomings, gives a noble aesthetic appearance to the site.

Thanks to the plantations, many designers can safely plan the zones on the site, dividing the yard into ceremonial zones, recreation areas, walks. Often behind a well-kept hedge hedge hide various outbuildings, and in most cases the fencing of living plants is used as a decoration of a homestead territory. Agree, the unusual arches of climbing plants are simply mesmerizing, and the arbors, wrapped in ivy or roses, cause genuine delight, surprise and admiration.

What is the optimal hedge height?

Walking through the streets, parks, squares, many noticed that the hedge height is completely different. Virtually all hedges differ in height. Someone on the sites have entire fences, but someone prefers low plantations. The reason for the different heights is in the appointment. If, for example, the goal is to create a high fence up to 2,5 meters, then it is necessary to erect trellises or walls. They protect against gazes, as well as from gas pollution. High hedges create a wonderful shadow. But high hedges have their shortcomings. Because of the height of the plant, insufficient light is obtained, which adversely affects their flowering. In addition, it is rather difficult to take care of high plantations.

What is the optimal hedge height?

Most suitable and in demand are hedges of medium length, which vary up to two meters in height. They are used to protect the gazebo or playground. Such hedges do not isolate the territory completely, only dividing it into zones, and do not cover the landscape design.

The most popular are dwarf hedges for fencing flower beds and paths.

Low hedgerow

What does a hedge look like?

First of all, it must be tended. Some designers admit that the plants used to create it can have a natural appearance, but all experts adhere to a clear rule about grooming and proper lines.

What does a hedge look like?

A properly formed plant looks more original and attractive. However, having decided to use live hedges on your site, keep in mind that it's up to you to decide whether they will be severely cut or whether they are destined to grow naturally. A beautiful fence is the result of painstaking work, the availability of finances and the imagination of the designer.

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