How to remove fat from the thighs?

How to remove fat from the thighs?

  1. run
  2. I do not advise you to ride a bicycle because it is too strong and swollen muscles
  3. run
  4. To bring your feet in order, you need to remember one simple rule: Less is and more to move. To do this, you should not only calculate the daily intake of calories, but also create a kind of deficit. Reduce the consumption of those products that carry out the subsequent production of insulin. Insulin prevents the splitting of fat and promotes the formation of new deposits.

    Лучше включать в свой рацион те продукты, которые повышают скорость метаболизма (кофеин, зеленый чай, корица) . Придерживаться правила раздельного питания, значительно снизить потребление жаренных, жирных и мучных продуктов. Выпивать перед едой стакан воды. Конечно, без спортивных нагрузок получить идеальные ноги невозможно. Нужно отрегулировать жировой обмен и составить комплекс специальных упражнений только тогда результат превзойдет все ожидания, и вы с легкостью сможете давать рекомендации женщинам по вопросу того, как убрать жир с ляшек!

    Effective ways to remove fat from lashek:

    1. Бег самое эффективное средство, которое позволит в короткие сроки добиться желаемого результата и убрать жир с ляшек.

    3. Езда на велосипеде укрепляет мышцы и убирает лишние жировые отложения.

    4. Skiing.

    5. Jumping to and from the sides, boxing jumps.

    6. Squat without load.

    7. Foot press.

    Лучше всего выполнять упражнения каждый день, на выполнение достаточно всего пятнадцать минут. Не стоит переусердствовать убрать жир с ляшек все равно не получится, а усталость останется.

    No less effective method, as part of complex therapy, is wrapping. For this, it is necessary to mix the blue and red clay, apply it in a thin, even layer on the thighs, wrap the film and walk for three hours. Repeat the procedure better four times a week. You can mix clay together with coffee, essential oil, with black and red pepper. To put the received weight on thighs, to wrap with a film and goes so within an hour. This method should be carried out twice a week. This is the most pleasant way of how to remove fat from lyashek.

    Exercises for removing excess fat from lashek:

    1. Stand facing the wall, hands and feet positioned on the width of the shoulders. Hold your hands by the wall, make your legs back with your legs, without bending your back. The number of repetitions should be on each leg twenty times, three approaches.

    2. It is necessary to sit on a chair, put the ball between the knees and start squeezing. Exercise is better to repeat fifteen times in three approaches.

    3. The falls forward. You can do this exercise with the neck. On each leg twenty times, in three sets.

    4. Stand on a bench and start squats with a load. Hands should fall below the bench.

    5. Standing on the ground, legs to spread on the width of shoulders, lift each one in turn, pre-bent at the knees. To raise it is necessary to the chest, when performing this exercise, the back should be straight. The number of repetitions per foot is fifteen times, in three sets.

    6. Stand on all fours. Hands and feet set at shoulder level. Make flies back and to the side, on each foot fifteen times, in three sets.

    7. To run on the spot, lifting your knees to your chest twenty times, touching the buttocks as many times.

    It is best to perform exercises in conjunction with daily walking or running, not forgetting about the right and healthy nutrition. Then the reflection in the mirror will just drive you crazy!

    As you can see, removing fat from lyashek is quite difficult, but quite realistic. The main thing is that you systematically do the exercises, and then the result will come!

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  6. Running in the morning 25-30 minutes ...
  7. Rope helps, but .... patience, assiduity and execution.
  8. Eat ... eat less than any
    In general, there are different fitness exercises that are great.
    Some flies feet that are!
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  10. less to move and more there)
  11. less to move and more there)
  12. Enough to eat (with) Ms. Ranevskaya
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