How to recognize low-quality essential oil?

When buying, pay attention to the packaging of essential oil. The natural product will never be poured into transparent glass bottles, because in the light, essential oils lose their healing properties. Also, they will not be sold in plastic packages, because they are organic solvents.
In addition, you can check the quality of essential oil as follows. Apply a little nail polish on the saucer, and drip a few drops of oil on top. If it is natural, the varnish will dry quickly, if not, dissolve.

how to recognize a non-quality essential oil

Put the bottle half an hour into the freezer. The present essential oil will freeze, the artificial remains liquid, and in the diluted ice crystals will float.
The composition of the oil can also be checked with alcohol. Pure essential oil must dissolve in it. You can do one more experiment. Drop a couple of drops on a pinch of potassium permanganate. If it dissolves, coloring at the same time in a dirty-brown color, you bought a fake. If it is curled into lumps, this oil is not just fake, but also dangerous for health. Qualitative essential oils do not react chemically with manganese. And, finally, when you pour oil into the aroma lamp, the false will settle on the bottom and will burn. The natural oil is lighter than water, so it will spread over its surface with a thin layer. The exception is only tar oil and clove oil, which form small droplets in the water.

we recognize not a high-quality essential oil

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