Harmful cheese with mold during pregnancy

My mother-in-law said that it is not recommended to eat pregnant women with moldy cheese. I can not agree with her: this is my favorite treat, and I do not want to give it up, especially during pregnancy. Can this product do me any harm?
Harmful cheese with mold during pregnancy

Perhaps you should listen to the advice of your mother-in-law. The fact is that in some types of cheese with mold can contain bacteria that cause listeriosis.
This is a rare, but dangerous disease that is fraught with the development of serious pathologies in the fetus and can even cause a miscarriage.
However, cheese is not the only product in which listeria (pathogens) can "hide". You should refrain from using not only soft and pickled cheeses, such as roquefort or brynza, but also meat semi-finished products that did not undergo a long heat treatment before eating.
But completely to refuse cheese, certainly, it is not necessary. After all, it is a source of calcium, proteins, essential amino acids and vitamins. Therefore, give preference to hard cheeses made from pasteurized milk.
Hard cheese, a source of calcium for pregnant women

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