Food for strong - we introduce meat according to the rules

At seven months, the menu of the child prodigy introduces meat - an important building material for cells.

At the top of the pedestal, the least allergenic varieties of meat are pork, followed by veal and beef. Chicken meat and all its derivatives, including eggs, are considered provocateurs of allergy and are offered to the baby much later. Nutritionists have long argued over the optimal way to store meat. Here is the opinion of the majority: since in time even in a freezer the meat secrete cadaveric poison, it is important not to freeze it. To preserve the nutritional properties of proteins and amino acids, we update the meat contents of the freezer every week. Storage rules: cut half a kilogram of pork or veal into one hundredgram pieces - the daily minimum for a child under the age of one year - and each of them is packed in a separate cellophane bag.
To prepare the soup, the defrosted piece is put in cold water, after boiling, we remove the foam and cook for another 40-60 minutes. Then cut the meat into four pieces and put it in a second pan with boiling water. Add all the ingredients of the usual vegetable soup: onions, asparagus, carrots, potatoes, peas, cauliflower, Brussels, kohlrabi, corn. In the end, necessarily put greens, spices and vegetable oil. After full culinary readiness of 40-50 grams of meat (two pieces), beat the blender together with vegetables, dilute the broth to the consistency of vegetable puree and serve the baby at ordinary lunch time - from 13.00 to 14.00.
Meat with vegetables for baby

Meat soup - a healthy child

Meat soup is much more caloric than vegetable, so the remaining two parts of boiled meat can be offered to the child for dinner (from 19.00 to 20.00), along with stewed vegetables. As children really grow in a dream (at night the baby is actively cutting teeth), simple cereal, mixture or breast milk for dinner, most likely, will not be enough. Not having eaten, as it should, the little one can restlessly sleep, wake up and demand milk. Therefore, high-calorie meat stew is the optimal evening dish.
The morning of the child must begin with porridge of different kinds. The variety of products contributes to the release of new enzymes involved in the process of digesting food. For breakfast, you can alternate oatmeal with milk; buckwheat porridge with fruit, boiled on water; mashed potatoes, diluted with kefir, bifivita or tomato juice "Winnie" (before cooking, the potatoes should be wiped off with a petal and washed from starch). Gradually the mixture or breast milk is replaced by dishes of adult cuisine.
Before giving any raw vegetables to a child, they should be soaked in cold cold water from the tap for 10 minutes. It is believed that within three minutes all nitrate-like compounds leave the root crop and dissolve in water. But with the purchase of greenhouse vegetables - tomatoes and cucumbers - it is better to wait. At seven months the baby can already buy a highchair for feeding and put it in the kitchen next to the general table: the smallest member of the family will be happy to participate in a family meal.
Meat soup for baby

How to help the child to survive the first teeth

The first lower incisors are usually shown. If the baby is hard to survive these days, it makes sense to get a pharmacy "Gel for teething." It is better not to buy drops to relieve the pain, namely the gel - it retains its anesthetic properties longer. Anesthetize the gums need ten minutes before bedtime and feeding, greasing the gum edge with a half-centimeter strip of gel. At this time, you should often wash toys and all household items. To reduce the itching in your mouth, you can offer your child a gum massager - large pieces of vegetables and fruits: carrots, cabbage, apples, pears, yellow or green bell peppers. But before - be sure to beat them with boiling water!
Fruits and vegetables for young children

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