How can the abnormalities in internal organs be determined by the condition of the nail plates?

At various infringements in work of an organism fingernails or nails can fracture, exfoliate, form grooves, change the color. So, white specks appear with a lack of vitamins, and whiten nails with diseases of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands and liver cirrhosis. In the case of blood circulation disorders, the nails become slightly bluish. Also, discoloration can be the result of a fungal infection. In this case, the nail plates darken and acquire a green, blue, yellow, brown hue. Eczema provokes the appearance of irregularities.

definition of the disease by nails

Disturbances in the cardiovascular system and malfunctions in the liver make the nails bulging. Problems of the gastrointestinal tract "give" longitudinal grooves. The causes of the appearance of transverse grooves are stresses and unbalanced nutrition. If you are properly nourishing your nails and doing homework with gloves, and the nail plates are still breaking and breaking, then this may indicate a violation of the thyroid gland. But, determining the state of health of the body on the nails, do not engage in self-medication. In any case, consult a specialist.

illness on nails, consult a doctor

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