How to cook soap from the remains of soap?

How to cook soap from the remains of soap?

  • From the remains of soap it is not possible to weld a beautiful soap. Although it is possible, but it will not keep in shape and will crumble, so everywhere write do not regret it-choose a basis for soap and make your masterpieces out of it .ither baby soap will fit. a waste of time.

  • You can make a beautiful soap from an old soap. Grate or knead the old remnants. Then mix with a new cooked transparent soap base. Pour into molds. If you do not know how to cook a new soap, then you can look here.

    You can grate on the grater or adjust the knife with the old remnants, farther all this into the container and the water bath, add distilled water, how many by eye determine, the excess will evaporate anyway, interfere, interfere if foam appears with alcohol. When the soap melts completely and reaches a homogeneous consistency, you can add oils, for example pink, almond, which you like, you can add squashes from coffee, soap-scrub, and then the whole mass of molds.

    Personally, I only do soap-scrub with coffee.

  • I did soap from the economic and children's, the first time I just wanted to try. The basis is pretty, after all. Of the remnants can be done if it's not toilet soap, and so it turns out, it's too soft, I kept it in the refrigerator and on the battery that would have dried up, but it's still so. Not without reason in all recipes goes either household, soap or baby or purchased basis.

  • I collect the remains of soap and rubbed on a grater, put it on a water bath and add a little water, wait until it softens, then add ground oatmeal 1st.L, sea-buckthorn oil 1h.L, olive oil 1h.L, you can add any essential oil to you like. Now we lubricate the mold and put our soap there, leave it to dry. I also sometimes add milk and honey to the soap, you can experiment to your taste.

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