By the mouth of a baby - we prepare sponges for spring

So fashionable this season, berry lipstick looks winning only on the well-groomed lips! To the vulnerable skin in this area has always been smooth, and the lip contour - clear, play by the new rules.

1.SEMBLING AND MASSAGE. Despite hypersensitivity, the skin of the lips needs regular deep cleansing. Only peeling in this area should be as gentle as possible. Emulsion-exfoliant Smashbox with oils and sugar granules gently removes dead cells, improves blood circulation and leaves a pleasant mint coolness.
We prepare sponges for spring - grinding and massage

2. REHABILITATION. On the "tricks" of autumn weather, the lips react first. If the cold wind, high humidity and temperature changes managed to turn them into a kind of sandpaper, do not despair. Nourishing balm Aquamilk, Lancaster, with coconut, palm, rice milk and honey in the shortest time will heal cracks and restore the lipid balance.

3. PRODUCTION ACTIVITIES. Of course, means-plampers will not turn you into the owner of the lips of Angelina Jolie, but a spicy volume is guaranteed to add. The effect of a nourishing balm with active collagen Lip Maximizer, Dior, you will see immediately.

4.TO CONTOUR. Fine wrinkles around the lips do not add to the appeal and cause even the most expensive lipstick to spread. Soin Lissant Contour Care, Matis, with a soft applicator successfully smoothes these "grooves".
Sponges to spring - we remove fine wrinkles

5.HEADED HUMIDITY. At first glance, the conditioner for the lips of Soin des Levres, Caudalie, looks like a hygienic lipstick. But in a compact tube much more hides - antioxidant vitamin E, shea butter, extract from grapes and delicious confectionery fragrance.

6.BOY TO WRINKLES. As a rule, the nasolabial triangle begins to age earlier than the skin around the eyes. Prevent this outrage under the power of the regenerating cream Lip Repair, Valmont. It increases the elasticity of the skin at the cellular level and triggers the process of cell regeneration.

7.TRADUATE APPLICATION. The skin of the lips is devoid of natural protection against ultraviolet radiation. It will be replaced by the cream Future Solution Eye and Lip Contour Cream, Shiseido, with UV filters. As a bonus, you will receive decent nutrition and anti-age care.

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