Holidays - fun without a hangover

The drawn-out coldness was finally replaced by sunny warm days - how can one not rush to nature, to freedom, to a picnic? Especially since the spring is generous for the holidays - Easter, May, Victory Day ... In the forest under the city, like Khreshchatyk, everyone is in a hurry to rest, actively and not very much, to cook shish kebabs and tasty fun for the cheerful company. Well, without hot drinks can not do - why not relax and not have fun at all? If you still stop on time ... It does not, the morning after a merry party is rarely good.

Holidays without a hangover

What is a hangover, it is probably not worth talking about, this condition is familiar to almost everyone. Tired of abundant libations, the body requires immediate help, and loyal friends are ready to advise a "reliable remedy" like cucumber pickle or strong chicken broth. Only will it help? This is another question. And do not really want to experiment on yourself - the weekend continues, and somehow it's not at all interesting to spend them in bed with a headache and nausea. So, we proceed to the procedure of "cleansing" (after all, the poisoning with the products of the breakdown of alcohol is no different from the usual food poisoning - in its essence). First of all, you need a copious drink (water, herbal teas, juices) and regular water procedures (through the skin pores, toxins are also taken quite intensively). And now - sighting therapy! The best means of "first aid" for alcohol poisoning experts consider the unique complex medication "Medichronal-Darnitsa", the action of which is aimed at neutralization and rapid elimination of alcohol decay products from the body. So, very soon, and the heart, liver, and brain will work in the same normal mode. By the way, Medichronal can be used not only as a means to relieve hangover syndrome, but also as a preventive measure - so that before the hangover and the matter does not come. If you take the drug in advance, before drinking alcohol, excessive alcohol intoxication and hangover simply will not be. If you need urgently to sober up (anything can happen), Medichronal is also ready to help. And it acts quickly - after 20-30 minutes after the admission it is already much more fun, and suffer reluctance. Take a walk, or what? While the weather is good! ..

And that next time a picnic was not overshadowed by unpleasant consequences, it is worth considering a few tips:

  • Do not drink on an empty stomach (it is better to pre-eat something dense, fatty);
  • bite every serving of alcohol. Or wash down, but not soda! "Thanks to" carbon dioxide contained in it, alcohol is better absorbed into the digestive tract;
  • do not mix drinks (even wines - white and red) and do not lower the degree (there is such an old hussar rule).

Have a nice weekend, May and other holidays - without a hangover!

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One Reply to “Праздники - веселье без похмелья”

  1. Да, славится наш народ обильным количеством праздников. Омрачает ситуацию только утро следующего дня. Как говорится, любишь кататься - саночки повозить не обломись. Вот если бы действительно веселья без похмелья... Какая жизнь бы пошла! Конечно, можно не веселиться в полную силу, а постоянно контролировать количество выпитого спиртного, тогда вероятность избежать похмелья возрастает. Но кайфа в этом мало.

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