What preservative "E" is dangerous to health?

What preservative "E" is dangerous to health?

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  2. Rescuers (E100-E199)
    Preservatives (E200E299)
    Antioxidants (E300E399)
    Stabilizers (E400E499)
    Emulsifiers (E500E599)
    Amplifiers of taste and aroma (E600E699)
    Glazing agents, bread improvers and flour, defoamers, giving the products a pleasant appearance (E900E999)

    Е700 Е800 запасные индексы

  3. Substances denoted by the code E231 and E232 are harmful to the skin. Dyes and preservatives badly affect the immune system, disrupt the natural intestinal microflora. And functional disorders of the intestine sometimes lead to oncological and cardiovascular pathologies. The metabolism and the liver suffer. E from 300 to 399 - antioxidants. Antioxidants (they are also called antioxidants) slow down the oxidation process in fat and oil emulsions. Fats thus do not deteriorate and do not change their color over time. How to influence. Allergy sufferers and asthmatics can not use the antioxidant Е311. An attack of asthma can also be triggered by supplements of E320 and E321 (included in some fat products and chewing gums). E320 also detains water in the body and increases the cholesterol content. And this, in turn, negatively affects the work of the liver and cardiovascular system. E from 400 to 499 - thickeners, stabilizers. Thickeners and stabilizers increase viscosity. Almost always they are added to products with reduced fat content - mayonnaises and yogurts. May provoke diseases of the digestive system. E from 500 to 599 - emulsifiers. Emulsifiers create a homogeneous mixture of immiscible products, such as water and oil. Negatively affect the liver, indigestion. Especially dangerous in this respect are emulsifiers Е510, Е513 and Е527. E from 600 to 699 - flavor enhancers. The additive successfully masks the poor quality of the original product, for example, old or low-grade meat. The most famous taste enhancer is sodium glutamate Е621. This nutritional supplement has an adverse effect on the retina of the eye. 30% of people who often eat with sodium glutamate, complain of headaches, increased palpitations, weakness in muscles, fever and bursting in the chest. A person who often uses sodium glutamate, natural food seems tasteless, because the receptors for taste recognition lose sensitivity. To not scare off the buyer, manufacturers do not always call the seasoning E621 their own name. Sometimes it hides under the mysterious wording "flavor additive" or "flavor enhancer". Moreover, sometimes under such a formulation E622 (potassium glutamate) - an "improver", which is prohibited is hidden. E from 900 to 999 - defoamers, glazes, sweeteners, baking powder. As the name implies, these additives prevent or reduce the formation of foam, create a shiny smooth shell, provide the product a sweet taste and make the dough more lush. How to influence. Defoamers, glazes and baking powder do not pose a great danger for the organism, which can not be said about substitutes for natural sugar - sweeteners. The most common sweetener today - aspartame, is part of more than 6000 products. It turns out that at 30 degrees, aspartame begins to disintegrate into methanol (methyl alcohol) and formaldehyde, which is considered one of the most terrible carcinogens. Permanent use of aspartame often causes headache, ringing in the ears, allergies and depression.
    The list of the most dangerous preservatives that cause:
    malignant tumors (cancer): E131, E142, E152, E210, E211, E213, E217, E240, EZZO, E447;
    diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: Е221, Е222, Е223, Е224, Е225, Е226, Е320, Е321, Е322, Е328, Е339, Е340, Е341, Е405, Е407, Е461, Е 462, Е463, Е464, Е465, E466, EXNUMX, EXNUMX, EXNUMX;
    diseases of the liver and kidneys: E171, E172, E173, E320, E321, E322.
    But other preservatives, which are also prohibited in food in developed countries: Е 102-105, Е110-111, Е120-127, Е130, Е141, Е150, Е180, Е212, E215-216, E230-232, E238, E241, EXINUMX, E250, E311, E312, E313, E450.
    The first four stages of food deficiency:
    Stage I Irritability.
    Stage II Fatigue.
    III stage Violation.
    Stage IV Violations of reproduction.
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