How to wean a cat from a bad habit of scratching furniture and wallpaper?

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Something to scratch a cat is just necessary: ​​so it sharpens its claws. And so that what is useful to the purr does not hurt you, buy her special racks for scratching: they are wrapped in thick string.
Set them near the places the cat has chosen, for example, on the corner of the sofa or next to the ottoman.

Do not disturb the bar and near the place where she likes to sleep. When you wake up, the cat will surely reach out sweetly and walk a couple of times with claws along the string. After that, she does not even want to thread the claws even on the wallpaper.

wean the cat to scratch the furniture

Try not to lock the cat alone in the room for a long time, otherwise it will be offended and, regardless of any racks, will certainly put out its anger on the sofas and curtains. And remember, an adult cat is taught to scratch what is profitable to you, much harder and longer than an unintentional kitten.

teach cats not to scratch furniture

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