What is the use of pets? Why do you personally have a pet?

What is the use of pets? Why do you personally have a pet?

  • I personally like animals. How much I remember myself, we always had dogs and cats, since we lived in a private house. Then, when I had my own apartment, I got myself a cat, she lived with me 12 years. Then I got a pug .He is with me 7 years. I love him! And not why, but just like that! I love my life, although it is useless. Well, he is very happy when I return home.

  • В семье моего знакомого теща принесла домой щенка, живут они впятером в трехкомнатной квартире. Родители жены, знакомый с женой и сын. Устроили голосование, что делать с псиной. Мой знакомый против, остальные за милашка, собачка Словом ля-ля-ля, тю-тю-тю В итоге по всей квартире лужи, убирать никто не хочет, наигрались за несколько дней и игрушка надоела. А мой знакомый работает на дому, все остальные уходят по делам и пес остается на нем. У него в итоге с работой проблемы, и ненужный зверь внимания требует, то корить, то убирать. Благо дело, что песик стал трепать все подряд и обувь дедушки, и мебель бабушки. Вот тут до них дошло, что за животным уход нужен, а живая игрушка их дом в сарай превратит через две недели отдали его разумным хозяевам в частный дом. Знакомый перекрестился и вздохнул спокойно. Но вот в последнее время у него в доме стали поговаривать о кошечке

  • Why animals in the house? But why. Dogs, for example, the owner love more than themselves. There is no animal more loyal to man. And the dog brings joy to children, teaches responsibility for our smaller brothers, develops not peace, but cruelty. Cats are more proud of themselves, but when you press a fluffy lump to yourself, and you feel how the heart thaws from the tide of tenderness to fuzzy, as she purrs) This is the best relaxant)

  • Pets are everything that a person domesticated, including domestic agricultural (cows, sheep, bees, etc.) and, so-called, pets or otherwise companion animals (dogs and cats). It is impossible to avoid agriculture. Breeds of dogs differ in useful functions for humans, for which these breeds were created. The breed of hunting dogs is several dozen - for hunting certain species of animals. Decorative breeds of dogs were created especially for decorating the owners' interior. Domestic cats domesticated themselves first - they settled in farm buildings and caught rodents there. Then they began to breed cats for beauty. First, as domestication of cats began to appear, the common colors of wool and eyes. Then there were cats with a longer wool. But here at cats at a genetic level, it is, somehow connected length of hair and structure of a skeleton. Cats with a longer coat were larger, stronger, with a large body and large limbs and paws. When in the Middle Ages black plague rats appeared in Europe, it turned out that only the "shaggy" Large cats brought from the Middle East can catch such rats. At about that time, the spread of the plague was stopped. Russia was trading with the Middle Eastern countries (Persia), so there were such large cats (the Kazan cat) also. A lot of water has flowed in millennia, as pets have appeared in humans, but there is still no alternative to them and it is unlikely that it will ever appear. Pets are a part of our culture and way of life. Look in the eyes of a shepherd or St. Bernard, talk to your Siberian cat or take an armful of Angora cat, you will understand what I'm talking about.

    What is the use of pets? Why do you personally have a pet?

  • What is the use of pets? Why do you personally have a pet?

    I think that there is no concrete benefit from pets-only losses.

    That's just at my house 5 cats. I do not regret money because I love them. You know how nice to sit in the evening watching TV, and you have on your knees two cats and murch ... It's very soothing and relaxing.

  • So the dog's main purpose is protection, so it's a direct duty, and the love of man is a pleasant addition. A cat in the house should still catch mice, but a good addition is already e games. So everything is basically not very difficult. Particularly simple to this topic are in rural areas. Well, in the cities most likely the animals really brighten up the cruel life with their caress and kindness.

  • ** What is the use of home

    animals? Why do you personally

    a pet?**

    Польза от домашних животных огромная - это и позитив, и лечение, некоторые кошки лечат ложась на больное место, это и радость, особенно для деток, это и выработка ответственности за тех кого приручили, это и продукты питания, которые нам дают коровы, овцы, козы, лошади. Для одиноких людей, если у них есть домашнее животное, нет большей радости чем знать, что кто-то ждет тебя дома. Лично я больше люблю собак - они преданные своему хозяину.

  • Obvious benefit from pets is not enough. Dogs guard the house, and even then not all

  • The benefits of animals are certainly there. In due time the cat was my friend, and very true. We did not enter the plot at the dacha, she drove all the animals. The child did not let anyone in, she caught mice. Now, the truth has grown old, for some reason she carries mice directly into the bed, but what to do. have to endure. Already we have become related to 11 years. We tolerate all her antics, even the fact that she can mark the linen on the bed. True, I do not plan to start any more animals. Although life will show.

  • I personally need a dog to protect the house and plot. Chickens I need to feed the family environmentally friendly, without hormones and antibiotics, meat and excellent home-made eggs. A decorative rat is needed, because it is very smart, fun and active, playing with it is a pleasure, it brings many pleasant minutes.

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