The green guy is green (Zelenushka). Where and when are these mushrooms collected?

The green guy is green (Zelenushka). Where and when are these mushrooms collected?

  • Greenfinch grows singly or in groups in pine, less often mixed forests on sandy soil - from September to frosts.

    Mycelium forms mycorrhizas (symbiosis with roots) with coniferous trees.

    The fungus's flesh is white, it does not get dark in the air.

    After boiling, the green color of the cap is preserved.

    Mushroom conditionally-edible. The toxins contained in the green leaf are supposedly affecting the skeletal musculature. This can occur if you eat a large number of fungi of this species.

    At the same time, green leaf contains a lot of useful substances (phosphorus, vitamins PP, D, B1 and B2).

    The mushroom can be dried, salted, frozen. When boiling - remove the peel from the bonnet and rinse thoroughly from the ground and dirt.

    The green leaf has poisonous and inedible twins (ryadovki: sulfuric, sultry, isolated).

    On what grounds to distinguish edible rows from inedible - see here.

  • Zelenushka, or zelenka - is basically a pine fungus. Look for sandy soil covered with mature pines, better hilly, without thick moss. They grow right out of the sand, a lot.

    The mushroom is delicious, has a pleasant smell. It is good in frying, but it is better to marinate it or salt it. One inconvenience - you have to wash the sand for a long time.

    You can gather from the end of September and until December, if there is no severe frost. But you need moisture.

    And more: you need to be careful, sometimes a pale toadstool looks like a green one. At the slightest doubt - throw away mercilessly.

  • Zelenushki are late mushrooms, which grow mainly in pine forests, where the sandy soil. Because of the sand, many do not collect green buckets, because they can not remove sand, although it is very easy to do this. It is necessary to soak the green mushrooms in salt water, the pores will open and the sand will fall, and there will be no trace.

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