How to draw a VAZ 2107?

How to draw a VAZ 2107?

  • An interesting question, in principle, for beginners to draw a car is not so difficult. So I tried to draw one of them. Well, of course, simplifying the details and having nothing to do, well, as for me it turned out well. Today I decided to scan and post it all the same.

    How to draw a VAZ 2107?

  • The car of domestic production VAZ 2107 to draw simply enough, after all the design of the case at it not intricate and consists, practically, from rectangles.

    Before starting the drawing, prepare an elastic band, a softness pencil TM, a sheet of thick paper like a Whatman paper or a drawing paper.

    Mark the overall dimensions of the body of the VAZ car as a whole, determined at the same time and with the composition of the picture.

    Next, draw a large volume of the body, add wheels.

    Only then proceed to study and detail the glass, doors, lamps and other things.

    Drawing can be painted with paints or colored pencils, it is also possible to shade with a simple pencil.

    How to draw a VAZ 2107?

  • Learn how to draw a domestic car VAZ 2107 can quickly, you need patience, a pencil and a piece of paper. From the beginning, watch a video in which a person quickly and skillfully draws a given car, and then start to try to draw, do not rush and you can already from the first time this car will turn out. Since there are no special secrets in drawing e:

  • To draw a VAZ 2107 you need to accurately represent it to yourself, or better still have a picture in front of you, which also knows the special features of the VAZ 2107 body, for example how to draw a hood and taillights, headlights (outwardly the seven differ in these features). Next, everything is classically, first sketches in fine lines, then more clearly contours, then you can draw a "game of light", or paint the resulting drawing. Nothing complicated in this.

  • First of all, it is necessary to understand: the difference in appearance of the 2107 vases from the rest of the basins.

    To paint a car VAZ2107 is easiest in pencil step by step method of drawing from a photo or nature, if I may say so. This model differs from its more ancient relatives, basically "bulging"; the radiator grille, and the body shape is classic for the Zhiguli. For a start, you can see the photo of this model of VAZ:

    How to draw a VAZ 2107?

    As you can see, it is the radiator grille that is a kind of business card of this model. There are also minor differences in the shape of the hood and the angle of inclination of the front bumper auto, but this is only visible to specialists. Here is a step-by-step scheme how to draw a car VAZ 2107 see how simple it is :))

    How to draw a VAZ 2107?

  • If you want to draw a car VAZ 2107, you can use the finished photo or drawing, and try to copy it to a copy. You can try to draw yourself, but you need to observe the proportions. It is best to first draw a sketch, indicating where the wheels, the body will be located, and then smoothly give out the outlines of the windows, doors, headlights, grille, etc.

    To look how to draw zatjunongovannyj VAZ 2107 it is possible to look on video

  • Indeed, the seven have a bright appearance compared to the rest of the classic models of the zhigul. A characteristic feature of the quot; semaqui; in the first place is the grille. There is a photo on which it is easy to draw this machine:

    How to draw a VAZ 2107?

    And here is an example of drawing with a simple pencil:

    How to draw a VAZ 2107?

  • It is best to draw a VAZ 2107 looking at a car of this brand.

    Take a blank sheet of paper, a simple pencil and standing opposite VAZ 2107 try to draw it from life.

    If you do not succeed, then draw a car VAZ 2107 looking at my example:

    to draw a VAZ 2107 1

    to draw a VAZ 2107 2

    to draw a VAZ 2107 3

    to draw a VAZ 2107 4

    to draw a VAZ 2107 5

    to draw a VAZ 2107 6

    to draw a VAZ 2107 7

    to draw a VAZ 2107 8

  • Probably, most of you also sat behind the wheel or at least sat in the saloon of the Soviet-made serial car VAZ 2107.

    I learned to ride like this.

    To draw a car VAZ 2107 (or just seven), you need a pencil and a sheet of paper.

    And here is the scheme by which you can do it:

    How to draw a VAZ 2107?

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