What is the difference between the type of car "sedan" and "coupe"? What is the difference between the type of car "sedan" and "coupe"?

What is the difference between the type of car "sedan" and "coupe"? What is the difference between the type of car "sedan" and "coupe"?

  1. There are two doors in the compartment, four in the sedan.

    In the Coup, there is usually little space for rear passengers or there may not be any at all.

    About the door should say "most often"

    Sedans have two doors - so on. tudor (twodoor) A classic example is the 968 Zaporozhets)) Such cars differ from the coupe in the presence of a central pillar.

    A coupe has 4 doors, but this is a perversion of modern auto designers.

    "Recently, firms specializing in the production of premium sports and semi-sports cars have created a new subclass of cars in the market, which is an elongated coupe or synthesis of a sports 2-door coupe and luxury sedan four-door coupe. They can have both 4 doors and 5 door, which some manufacturers qualify as a cover (some commentators sometimes confuse cars of this class with small SUVs). This class is represented by the following models:
    Aston Martin Rapide 5-door liftback
    Audi A7
    Fisker Karma
    Maserati Quattroporte 4 # 8209; door compartment
    Mercedes-Benz CLS
    Porsche Panamera 5 # 8209; door fastback
    Volkswagen Passat CC 4-door coupe
    BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe
    Honda Vigor 4 # 8209; door coupe "

  2. The coupe assumes double occupancy + uncomfortable rear seats for occasional passengers on a short crossing, or in general without a rear seat. Finding the door is wrong. And the sedan may have 2 doors.
  3. Coupe # 769; (from fr. coup # 233;) type of car body.
    Differs in two doors, one or two rows of seats and a structurally separate trunk, without a lift door in the rear wall. Xnumx
    The original version of the coupe body had one row of seats and was two-three-seater.
    As a rule, a coupe has a wheelbase shortened relative to other body types; if it has the back row of seats, the so-called landing formula 2 + 2, two full-size seats and two limited-capacity or children's seats are usually limited to the space and comfort of landing on nm. Xnumx
    According to the SAE (United States Automotive Engineers Community) J1100, a coupe can be considered a car whose rear passenger compartment does not exceed 33 cubic meters. ft (0,93 m # 179;).
    Nevertheless, the coupe is currently more a marketing term, designed to reflect the emphasis on sportiness and denoting to a greater extent not a set of technical solutions or vehicle characteristics, but its place in the market and a set of consumer qualities. This reflects, for example, the classification of cars of the Economic Commission for Europe, in which cars with a coupe are allocated to a separate market segment S.
    In particular, the term coupe is often used as a commercial, marketing, corporate designation of cars with other body types with two (two-door sedan) or three (three-door hatchback) doors, or even four-door doors to emphasize their sportiness, gradually losing its original meaning.
    Previously, the coupe was called a double carriage.

    Seda # 769; n closed car with two or three (for example, ZIM or Seagull GAZ-14) rows of full-size seats, a trunk, structurally separated from the passenger compartment (in early cars, the trunk usually had the form of a suitcase or absent) and without a lift door in the rear wall.
    This type of body is the most common among car bodies.

  4. Coupe is a two-door car.
    That's how this one, Honda Integra Type R (DC5).
    Sedan is a car with four doors.
    That's how it is, the Mercedes-Benz E-klass 2012 of the year.
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