GAZ-3307 dump trucks: device and technical specifications

Domestic dump trucks GAZ-3307 belong to the fourth family of trucks of average tonnage from the Gorky Automobile Plant. The onboard version began to be produced in the 1989 year. Five years later, the car was improved, equipped with a diesel engine and received an index of 3309. The body of the model in question is a wooden platform with three folding sides. Installation of hinged benches, arcs and awning. Double cabin located behind the power plant, has improved visibility, capacity and sound insulation, compared with its predecessors.

dump trucks gas 3307


GAZ-3307 dump trucks are equipped with a drum brake system, the diameter of the front and rear plates is 38 centimeters, their width is 8 and 10 cm, respectively. The sludge mode additionally uses a transmission drum brake with a working diameter of 22 centimeters and a width of 6 linings, see. The unit drive is mechanical; any circuit of the specified unit can be used as a spare element.
The steering of the truck is a worm gear, equipped with a gear ratio in 21,3, as well as a roller with three crests. Regarding electrical equipment:

  • operating voltage - 12В;
  • battery - 6CT-75;
  • voltage controller - Г250-Г2;
  • starter - 230-А1;
  • ignition winding - B-114 with switch ТК-102А.

In addition, it includes distributors, spark plugs and wiring.

Power unit

GAZ-3307, whose carrying capacity is 4,5 tons, is equipped with a motor ZMZ-5321-10 (carburetor type). The gasoline four-stroke engine has eight cylinders with a high output power. The fuel system is liquid cooled and recirculated exhaust fumes.

gas 3307 load capacity

The cylinder block is made of aluminum alloy, there is an additional valve assembly OHV. The class of conformity to standards at the power unit is equal to "Euro 3". The maximum speed of the motor is three thousand four hundred rotations per minute. With these parameters, the vehicle power is 124 horse force, and the volume - five liters. Fuel use is at the level of 240 g / l. s / h Acceptable fuel is AI 76 or 92 gasoline.

Overall performance

GAZ-3307 dump trucks have the following parameters:

  • length / width / height - meter 6,3 / 2,3 / 2,35;
  • wheelbase - 3,77 meter;
  • ground clearance in the rear axle is 26,5 centimeters;
  • track (front / rear) - 1,7 / 1,56 m;
  • base cargo compartment length - 3,5 meter;
  • platform width / height - 2,17 / 0,51 m;
  • load rating - 4 500 kilogram;
  • Curb / full weight - 3,2 / 7,1 tons.

Most of the modifications used a hydraulic lift cylinder body, five-speed synchronized mechanical type gearbox and spring suspension design.


The engine GAZ-3307 allows you to develop a top speed of more than ninety kilometers per hour. Acceleration time up to eighty km / h is a little over 60 seconds. Average fuel consumption is within 19-25 liters per hundred kilometers. The minimum surmountable lift is 25 degrees. The fuel tank holds 105 liters of gasoline.

hydraulic lift cylinder

The truck is widely used in construction, agricultural, municipal spheres. Main application:

  • transportation of sand and other bulk cargo;
  • transportation of building materials and agricultural products;
  • export of household and industrial waste;
  • use of the vehicle for transportation of special crews and freights.

The driver’s workplace has also been upgraded. Car GAZ-3307 equipped with a spacious double cabin, which provides heating and ventilation system. The mounted formula 4 * 2 and the motor ZMZ perfectly cope with the movement on roads having a hard surface. Ease of operation and maintenance, coupled with an affordable price and good performance - the main aspects that influenced the popularity of the car in various economic sectors.


GAZ-3307 dump trucks, with objective advantages, have a number of obvious drawbacks. The negative points include the following:

  • sensitive suspension makes off-road driving almost impossible;
  • gland on the crankshaft begins to quickly give a leak;
  • the power plant is not economical;
  • Some component parts fail prematurely.

At the same time, the hydraulic cylinder for lifting the body and several other successful design solutions made the truck one of the most optimal options for its time. The upgraded version of the car began to roll off the conveyors back in 2008 year. The working dual-circuit brake assembly was supplied with a hydraulic drive to facilitate braking, but the steering wheel amplifier was not provided in the basic configuration.

3307 gas engine

Types of motor oils and fluids recommended for use

In order for the GAZ-3307 engine to work without additional intervention, it is recommended to use oils of the category М6 / 8 / 10 В or АЗЗп-6 (for severe frost conditions). The gearbox gets along well with TSP 10-15 type lubricant, which is also quite suitable for the steering gear.

It is desirable to maintain shock absorbers with the help of a spindle or fluid АЖ-12Т. The brake system digests the suspension recommended by the manufacturer called "Tom". Modern oils and fluids may also be suitable for use after consultation with specialists. For cooling, the A-40 coolant in diluted form or a pure analogue under the A-65 index is most often recommended. Thanks to the heater, the driver and passengers will feel comfortable in the cab even at a particularly icy time.

Car cost and consumer reviews

Depending on the condition of the car and the year of its release, the price of the truck in question is from sixty thousand to half a million rubles. Judging by the user reviews, the car is quite popular. Most of all consumers appreciate the carrying capacity, exterior and comfort of the cabin.

sand transportation

Consumers mention that the vehicle is unpretentious, easy to maintain and operate, "eats" gasoline with an octane rating from 76 to 92 (with the introduction of certain design modifications). Not the last role in the popularity of the car played a reasonable price and availability of spare parts. Dump trucks are still used in private business and various spheres of the national economy. To the negative aspects of the owners include poor cross-country off-road, instability of some nodes and excessive "voracity" of the vehicle.


Domestic car GAZ-3307, whose carrying capacity is more than four tons, proved to be a unit used to transport various bulk cargoes. He is not afraid of frost, mainly operated on a hard surface, has good technical performance.

car gas 3307

Judging by user feedback and the reaction of specialists, the truck in question has some flaws. However, they overlap with ease of operation, unpretentiousness and affordable price. Another confirmation of the popularity of the car GAZ-3307 is its serial release for several decades. Each subsequent modification has a number of improvements and improvements.

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