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Every motorist at least once in his life faced with the problem of complete discharge of the battery, in which the start of the machine was not possible. And this applies to all vehicles, whether they are imported or domestic.

This kind of malfunction happens quite rarely, but, as a rule, at the most inappropriate moment. Problems with the battery occur in severe frosts, as well as when the battery runs out of power and it cannot hold a charge for a long time. In this situation, you can start the car with a tug or “light up” from another car. But this launch option is not always possible. One of the easiest ways to solve this trouble is to purchase a device to charge the battery. Today the market offers a variety of diverse products of this kind. Each product has its advantages and disadvantages.

The main purpose of the device

Car charger for the battery, not a secret, is designed to charge itself. battery chargerTo do this, the battery is disconnected from the car's on-board network, and power cables from the charger are connected to its terminals. The charging process period can last from three to fourteen hours - this factor depends on the design of the device and its characteristics. Even the most neglected battery after recharging can reliably serve for quite a long time.

The main advantage of the charging element is its ease of use and reasonable price. The disadvantages include a long temporary charging period. In addition, if the battery is completely discharged, then this type of device will not immediately start the engine. This requires a certain period, which is not always convenient. In addition, it is not recommended to disconnect the battery from the network in some imported cars. charger for acb carThe solution to this issue is the so-called pre-charger for the vehicle battery. The advantage of this type of equipment is the possibility of recharging the battery of a car without the need to dismantle it and disconnect it from the network. It must be said that the pre-launch device cannot ensure the start-up of the automobile engine immediately after its connection. To operate the motor with a fully planted battery, you need to use such a type of electronic device as a battery start-charging device for a car. Electronic chargers can be divided into three types: household, professional and combined.


The purpose of the first type - use at home. As a rule, those are designed to work with the vehicle's on-board network in 12 B. There are devices that can produce output voltages from six to twelve volts. This battery charger allows you to charge batteries not only for cars, but also for motorcycles and scooters with a network in 6 B.


Professional-type devices are designed to work with various types of batteries. The range of voltage output can vary from 1 to 36 volts. Such a battery charger will allow you to charge almost any battery. And if the device is additionally equipped with a starting device, then it can be used to start trucks and tractors.


Such devices for battery charging and emergency start-up of the engine are, in essence, an inverter welding unit, in which there is a function of switching the output voltage, which will be optimal for working with the on-board car network and supplying the charge to the battery. how to charge acb chargerSuch a charger for a car battery is multifunctional, but it requires certain skills to operate.

Selecting an electronic device for its intended purpose

The first thing you need to pay attention to is parking and storage of the vehicle. If the car is put in the garage with the presence of a standard electrical wiring, then you can get by with an ordinary household stationary appliance. Modern charging is quite compact, they do not take up much space in the garage, and if necessary, always located at hand.

At that moment, when the car remains to spend the night in the parking lot, an autonomous charging and starting device can come to the rescue. The device is equipped with a separate power element, through which you can start the engine and recharge the battery without connecting the device to the 220 B network. The battery charger for an autonomous battery has its disadvantage: it requires special care because of the same battery. You also need to determine that the device maximally meets the requirements of the automotive battery and the car as a whole.

What to choose?

For passenger vehicles it will be enough to acquire a household appliance. But for heavy trucks with an onboard network of more than twelve volts, it is advisable to use professional equipment. Only in this case, the normal process of servicing the nutrient is ensured, and if necessary, an emergency start of the motor.

Technical parameters

The battery charger must comply with the technical data of the battery cell itself. car battery chargerThere are several types of batteries, and each has its own characteristics regarding charge. Before acquiring one, you need to know if it is designed to work with your type of battery. The output power of the voltage must also meet certain parameters. The best option is if the charging device has a voltage supply adjustment.

Current strength is another important factor. In the configuration of each device there is an instruction manual and technical data sheet indicating the parameters of voltage and current. For normal operation, a charger with a motor start function should produce the required number of currents, which should be enough for both charging the battery and emergency starting the power unit. When the outgoing force of the currents during the recharging period will have a smaller value than the required one, this may entail a quick battery failure due to constant undercharging. The optimal parameter of the currents required for charging is 10% of maximum battery power. This means that when the battery capacity is 55 A / h, the value of the current strength must be within 5,5 A.

Having certain knowledge in the field of radio engineering, many motorists make a charger for the battery with their own hands. In this case, the need for a number of characteristics disappears by itself, since even when designing the device all the nuances are taken into account. As a result, the charger meets the exact requirements that a motorist needs.


Depending on the purpose of the device and its functionality, the device can be equipped with additional details and means of protection. car charger for acbThe electrical wires connecting to the battery must be of a larger section, the clips on the terminals are made of metal with a thickness of at least three millimeters. Clamps made of thin material, very quickly burn and wear out. The presence of a variety of pointers, light indicators and power settings of the parameters only facilitate the work with the device at the time of battery maintenance.

How to charge the battery charger

If the device is not designed to recharge the battery directly to the car or there is no possibility to connect to the 220 B system, then the battery is removed from the car. Immediately before charging, the electrolyte level is checked, and if necessary, it is added to the recommended level. If the battery is not equipped with a so-called breather, then you must first unscrew all the plugs of the filling holes. This applies to acid batteries.

Next, the auto battery connects to charging. The positive terminal is installed on the positive terminal, respectively, minus to minus. If the device is equipped with an adjusting power supply mechanism, then it must first be set to the minimum, and then the device's power must be turned on. After that, you can add the value of voltage and currents to the optimum. It is worth considering that the initial inclusion of large energy indicators leads to faster charging. But the battery will not charge for very long. Therefore, it is recommended to set the values ​​slightly below optimal - the charging process in this case is longer, but more effective. Before charging the battery with a charger, you need to read the instructions for use thereof.

Device "Orion"

One of the most popular devices for charging batteries at the moment is the production of the Orion brand. On the market there are several modifications of the device, differing in their characteristics. The main purpose of such is the charge of motor and car batteries, regardless of their degree of discharge and capacity. pulse charger for acbAn automatic battery charger independently monitors and limits the voltage on the battery, which eliminates the intense boiling of the liquid and does not lead to overcharging. The device is used for all types of batteries. There is no need to disconnect the battery from the vehicle’s electrical system. Additionally, the charger can be used as a multi-purpose DC power supply. With it, feed various electronic devices, auto tools.

The charger for the battery "Orion" can be used as a starting element, to facilitate starting the motor. The device has a plastic case, small dimensions and very low weight. In the front panel there is a dial indicator indicating current and manual adjustment. In the back is placed safety element. Connection wires have a cross section that is sufficient even for starting the power unit. do-it-yourself battery chargerA terminal clamps are made of quality material and are quite reliable. Using the pulse charger for Orion series battery in automatic charging mode, we eliminate the possibility of damage to the battery plates and vehicle equipment, because the desulfation process takes place under strict control of the voltage at the battery outputs. Upon completion of the charging operation, the ZPU maintains the charge level of the accumulating element, thereby preventing its self-discharge, recharging and the possibility of sulfation.


When purchasing a device to support the technical condition of a battery of electronic systems of a car, one should initially find out if there is a quality certificate on the device. Otherwise, you can buy equipment with defects in the working system, which can not fully perform its functions and quickly fails. Additionally, the device must have a passport electrical and fire safety. So, we found out what type of charger for a car battery can be.

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