how to lighten hair with hydrogen peroxide ???

how to lighten hair with hydrogen peroxide ???

  1. take peroxide, put on gloves and brush the strand behind the string to lighten. The main thing is not to burn .. Again, depending on how it is clarified: 3% peroxide is very long .., and for stronger concentration you need a skill. Go to the hairdresser's.
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    The concentration of the solution is determined by the desired color and features of the hair. The faster the hair absorbs moisture, the lower the concentration of the solution is needed to lighten them. But for very strong hair, poorly wetted, the concentration of peroxide is increased.
    The longer the effect of peroxide and the higher its concentration, the more effective the clarification. But concentration and time can be increased only to a certain extent, otherwise there is a danger of skin burn. Therefore, to accelerate the reaction at a relatively low concentration of peroxide, ammonia or ammonium bicarbonate is added to the formulation. These alkaline additives activate the release of atomic oxygen from the peroxide and open flakes of the outer layer of hair, allowing the releasing oxygen to penetrate faster into the cortical layer and oxidize (brighten) the pigment contained therein.
    The amount of solution depends on the length and thickness of the hair. Usually for medium length hair, 5060 g of solution is sufficient. It is better to prepare the solution with some reserve, so you do not have to interrupt the work and prepare new portions. In this case, the hair can be unevenly colored.

    The cookware for making mortar must be glass, porcelain, enameled or plastic, but not metal, because, when combined with oxygen, the metal can cause undesirable decomposition of the composition.

    A stick with a cotton swab for the same reasons should also be plastic or wooden. Wadding on it is wound up with a thin layer so that it does not untwist during operation. Recently, brushes made of synthetic bristles are often used, as natural bristles are quickly destroyed by peroxide. The solution is applied starting from the occiput. Do not wash your hair before lightening. In this case, a natural layer of fat will protect the hair and scalp.
    When starting the procedure, first carefully lubricate the forehead at the very hair with a greasy cream or petroleum jelly. Apply the solution in gloves.
    To avoid splashing or draining of the composition when the hair is clarified with hydrogen peroxide with ammonia, it is recommended to add a little liquid soap or liquid soap to the solution. These soap additives, being alkaline, also contribute to the release of oxygen. In the composition for clarification, shampoos of the highest category can not be added, since the foaming components that enter into them are not alkaline and their application will inhibit the clarification process.

    For clarification of thick hair 812% solution of hydrogen peroxide is used, for hair of medium thickness 612%, for fine hair 48%. The more porous hair, the solution should be weaker.
    When applying the paint, remember that the roots are lightened much faster than the ends due to the warmth of the scalp. Therefore, at the first clarification of unpainted hair, you should first apply the composition to the ends (not reaching 2 cm to the scalp) and only after reaching the planned color for the second time to moisten the hair, applying the composition already and on the roots. Thus, you will get a uniform coloring of the hair along the entire length. If you immediately moisturize your hair along the entire length, the ends will almost always turn out darker than the roots, which looks very unnatural.
    If you need to lighten the roots of otrosshih hair, the composition is imposed only on the overgrown roots, trying not to get on the previously dyed hair. To do it neatly will allow only a dense composition.

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