society and nature

society and nature

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  2. Society and nature

    Society as a social organism interacts with its natural environment. The basis of this interaction is the metabolism with the natural environment, the consumption of natural products, the impact on nature. Nature also affects society by providing it with favorable or unfavorable conditions for functioning and development.

    Often people and society are opposed to nature. Attitude to nature as lower than all that was created by man, put man in the position of the conqueror of nature.

    Today, the inseparable link between nature and society, which is mutual in nature, is being realized. Man and society come from nature and cannot develop outside of nature, in isolation from it. But at the same time, man is the highest stage of the development of living nature, it is inherent in a qualitatively new, special phenomenon social properties that grow out of the interaction of people with each other.

    Consequently, we can not identify the concepts of nature and society, nor completely break and contrast them.

    Nature and society are two forms of manifestation of a single reality, which in human knowledge correspond to two main areas of natural science and social science.

    The scientific distinction between these concepts makes it possible to correctly understand the dual natural and social, biosocial basis of man and society, preventing both ignoring the natural beginnings in man and society and denying the leading, decisive role of the social in this unity.

    Historical experience shows that all attempts to build socio-economic projects without taking into account, and even more so despite the natural, natural needs of people and society, invariably ended in failure. On the other hand, attempts to mechanically transfer the laws of nature to society led to no less negative consequences in practice.

    Speaking about the isolation of society from nature usually have in mind its qualitative specificity, but not isolation from nature and the processes of its natural development. It is impossible to analyze a society without taking into account its interaction with nature, as it lives in nature. But due to the increasing degree of society's impact on nature, the scope of the natural habitat is expanding and the acceleration of some natural processes: new properties are accumulating, increasingly alienating it from the virgin state. If we deprive the natural environment of its properties, created by the labor of many generations, and put modern society in the original natural conditions, it can not exist.

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