Alexander Revva and Ornella Muti "Like Celentano". Where to watch the video?

Alexander Revva and Ornella Muti "Like Celentano". Where to watch the video?

  • The popular humorist and singer Alexander Revva together with diva Ornella Muti made a video based on the film with Adriano Celentano, which is called Taming the Shrew.

    Here you can see a part of the new clip, which is laid out in the network.

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    One of these days they held a conference where they told about the new video, and not so long ago they were both guests of the Evening Urgant program, where they shared their ideas. He does not mind advertising and he took a clip with her, and Ornella came to represent the cosmetic brand in Russia. Everyone is happy with this work and believe that everything turned out fine. When the full version of the clip is released, you can watch it here.

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  • The well-known Italian actress Ornella Muti came to Russia, where she took part in the shooting of the video of Alexander Revva on the theme "The Taming of the Shrew".

    Alexander Revva as Arthur Pirozhkov tried to appear in the video in the image of partner Ornella Muti in the film - Adriano Celentano.

    In the video, Revva-Pirozhkov-Celentano, like Celentano in the film, crushes the grapes and dances. In the video, Revva crushes grapes in a barrel, chops firewood - the latter, by the way, was given to him with difficulty.

    So sweat over the video Revwe had in the literal sense of the word.

    To see how the process of shooting the clip took place, where you will see all those who are shot in the frame, you can here.

  • Completely the clip has not yet come out, there are still parts for editing and photographing the crew, Alexander Revva and his photo with the Italian actress Ornella Muti. The actress herself is not visible on the general photos, but Revva promised her participation. Find the clip "How;" as Celentanoquot; it will be possible on many resources, but while Revda promises and scored for him the place here.

    Alexander Revva and Ornella Muti "Like Celentano". Where to watch the video?

  • Revda with Ornela Muti shot the clip "How to Chelentano".

    Alexander Revva and Ornella Muti "Like Celentano". Where to watch the video?

    The actress did not want the video to resemble Celentano, but she was persuaded by this, telling how much the movie "The Taming of the Shrew"; is popular in Russia.

    A part of the shooting of Revt in a barrel can be viewed here.

    In my opinion, never a repeat of a movie or a song is better than the original. Especially Revda is far from Celentano. If Challentano lives a song, then in my opinion, Revva is just kidding. We also do not compare the level of singing skills.

    Frankly, I'm disappointed with the choice of partner from Ornella Muti. It seemed to me that she, besides beauty, also has a taste and a sense of beauty. It is a pity that I made a mistake.

  • Alexander Revva and Ornella Muti "Like Celentano". Where to watch the video?

    So far, Alexander Revva has not set the video, but the chats of the captured video can be found on this site.

    The video starred Ornella Muti, the star of Italian cinema, partner Adriano Celentano and just a beauty. Ornella came to Moscow, here she loved and business.

  • Ornella Muti came to Moscow and this was taken advantage of by Alexander Revva, whose work, under the pseudonym Artur Pirozhkov, is very popular with the legendary actress.

    On this occasion, they decided to create a video on the topic “The Taming of the Shrew”; Ornella initially discouraged Alexander from affection for the plot of the film, but the singer assured her that this film was very popular in Russia.

    So it was necessary to Alexander and the wood to stab and dance in a barrel. The song was very incendiary.

    View fragments of the clip, the shooting process can be on this site.

    The clip after its creation can be viewed on YouTube. The song was written by Alexander Revv.

    Alexander Revva and Ornella Muti "Like Celentano". Where to watch the video?

  • "As Celentano"; is the name of the video that he intended to shoot and already working on it, Alexander Revva (Arthur Pirozhkov). It is known that more recently, Moscow was visited by Italian film star Ornella Muti and she came not because of love for the Russian capital, but at the invitation of Revva to participate in his video, where she will play herself, and he will be supposedly Celentano. Well, Reva and Celentano really have something in common. It's unclear just what will become the new clip and whether it will be popular. Will it be a parody? We'll find out when the clip will be released, and this is already announced by announcements just around the corner. You can see on different Internet sites including Youtube, well, and certainly in the Instagram of Alexander Revva.

    Alexander Revva and Ornella Muti "Like Celentano". Where to watch the video?

  • Alexander Revva, together with the famous singer, Ornella Muti released a new video, which is called "How to Chelentanno". It turned out very cool production. You can watch the video online on one of the channels, as soon as it is fully available. And now, as an introduction to the way the video was shot, the production moments, the game of Revva, you can see here. Also there is an excerpt from the clip, which will soon blow up the network.

    Joint photo:

    Alexander Revva and Ornella Muti "Like Celentano". Where to watch the video?

  • An early release of a new clip was announced # КАКЧЕЛЕНТАНО. In the role of the Italian actor, Arthur Pirozhkov, still known as Alexander Revva, appeared. Also in the video we'll see the partner Celentano in the movie "The Taming of the Shrew"; beauty Ornella Muti.

    We are looking forward to the release of the video, in which Arthur Pirozhkov will dance like Celentano.

    Arthur Pirozhkov is already announcing the release of the clip on his Instagram page. We are also waiting for the appearance of the clip. Pies says, very soon, very soon, very soon. While all the information about the clip.

  • Famous showman Alesander Revva made a video clip in which the famous Italian actress Ornella Muti appeared. The song is called "Like a Celentano". And as we remember, Ornella played along with Celentano in the movie "The Taming of the Shrew";

    Ornella came to Russia not just for the sake of filming in a video. It became known that Italy will soon become a Russian citizen.

    Ornella Muti and Alexander Revva visited the transfer of Ivan Urgant. You can see this transmission here.

    Клип полностью еще не вышел. Посмотреть отрывки можно на этом ресурсе.

    Most likely, it will be another hit from Alexander Revvy.

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