What will the series "Spider" end?

What will the series "Spider" end?

  • As always, such serials are finished well. The murderer will be found, and later killed in prison. The robber brothers are executed (I personally am very sorry, because Cherkasov wanted to save them from execution, but did not have time). The girl, the daughter of Regina's murdered model will live with Major Cherkasov and his family. For all but the criminals and the dead, everything will end well.

  • The series quot; Spiderquot; or quot; Goznak; - This is a continuation of the series quot; Hangman; with the same artists and the same idea. That is, this is essentially a detective series.

    The protagonist is Major Ivan Cherkasov, who is investigating this assignment about the murders of girls and it is connected with another case about the robbery of Goznak, that is, the state enterprise where money is being made and there is a large money turnover.

    This is a loud and audacious event, unheard of in boldness, because a large-scale, carried away a half million rubles.

    The whole film is constantly something new, one event is layered into another. But from the middle of the film is already going to the denouement, the situation on the screen is heating up.

    Finished, of course, safely. Nobody by and large from the main characters will not suffer, however, some characters who have fallen victim to pity and yet regret those whose lives could have developed differently.

    Nevertheless, the ball is untangled, Major Cherkasov coped with the task, which was also led by representatives of two other services, who were entrusted with investigating the robbery. True, the laurels will get another more clever and cunning cop. But in this case, the main thing is to find the perpetrators and send the criminals behind bars. Especially the most important criminal and punisher. Major Cherkasov can not help coping.

    By the way, the film is based on real events, of course, the director has slightly changed his vision of the plot.

  • The detective TV series "Spider" will end; on the First Channel as it should be: all criminals will be caught and surrendered to a strict Soviet court, the most just court in the world. We learn who killed fashion models from the Fashion House and who so brazenly robbed the Armenian bank, and what links these crimes.

  • Good afternoon, this series will end with a victory of justice, as the perpetrator will be caught, who committed murders in the House of Fashion. Also, the criminals who robbed the Armenian bank will be caught. Also we will understand how these crimes are related to each other.

  • The "Spider" series, which they plan to release at the beginning of 2016, tells about the next case of Andrei Cherkasov, he needs to find out who is killing the girls in red and who robbed the Armenian bank. Of course, in the plot will be woven other storylines. Cherkasov will certainly cope with the task and, perhaps, turn his attention to a devotedly loving journalist.

  • The "Spider" series, the working title of the movie "Gosznak", tells about the robbery of the State Bank of the Armenian SSR, which occurred in 1977. Investigating this crime and others will be Major Cherkasov with his operative group. I do not think that the creators of the series strongly deviate from the real story. The brothers Kalachian, who committed this robbery, will be caught a year later and shot. Cherkasov will not disappoint either, this time, as was the case in the TV series "The Executioner"; and "Mosgaz".

  • Nobody doubts that the valiant Major Cherkasov and his operative group will be able to find the killer of the model from the House of Fashion, as well as to expose the two brothers - the acrobats, who robbed Goznak.

    However, I do not want the latter to be caught, because they cleverly got into the building and carried away a half million rubles.

    And the killer of a girl - a mannequin must be punished. In parallel, an American spy who is confident in his impunity and who is preparing an informational "bomb" that will blow up the world should be exposed.

    And all this will be the merit of Cherkasov and his faithful assistants, as in the previous films "Mosgaz"; and "The Executioner".

  • Here is the description of the last episode of the series "Spider":

    What will the series "Spider" end?

    Although it took more than one month, the crimes were uncovered thanks to Major Cherkasov.

    The fate of criminals will develop as follows:

    Brothers robbed the bank will be sentenced to death.

    And the killer models will be killed in prison.

  • But what about the other way. Of course, the glomerulus will unravel, the criminals will be found and severely punished. After all, Cherkasov, in a pair with Sonya Timofeeva, works wonders. Not immediately, of course, but for almost a year they will follow the trail and only thanks to the accidental absurdity of one of the criminals, the case will be solved. As they say, "greed fraera ruined".

  • The series "Spider"; although not very pretentiously named, but promises to be interesting.

    It is devoted to the next case of Andrei Cherkasov in the distant 1977 year. The story will be about the affair of the state bank of the Armenian SSR. Andrew, as always, will be at the height, unravel the crime, and next to him will always help.

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