What to show an alien in Moscow?

What to show an alien in Moscow?

  • I think that in this case it is not necessary to be original. The most interesting for the foreigner is likely to be the Red Square and the Kremlin: with Lenin's Mausoleum, St. Basil's Cathedral, Ivan the Great Bell Tower and other architectural and historical monuments. If a foreign visitor is interested in art, then the Tretyakov Gallery should be included in this list. But the museums of modern art or shopping centers should be shown at the very last turn - they can be seen in almost any European city, and tourists come, as a rule, in order to get acquainted with the originality of another country, and not with what it looks like other.

    What to show an alien in Moscow?

  • It depends on the foreigner, what interests he has, whether he ever visited Moscow? How long does it take to visit the sights?

    In addition to well-known attractions try to show Shvivaya Gorku. This is part of Tagansky Hill (one of the 7 hills, according to legend, Moscow). On Shvivaya Hill (at the confluence of the Yauza in the Moscow River) there was a pagan temple even before Yury Dolgoruky founded Moscow according to the annals. On the site of the pagan temple is now the Compound of the Athonite Monastery. Nearby - Stalin skyscraper on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment, as a symbol of a bygone era. This skyscraper was the first.

    If a foreigner likes to walk, spend it on the island. The walk can be divided into 2 parts (2 days). The first part is to the right to the Bersenevskaya embankment. You can walk around the courtyards of the famous house on the embankment, then wander through the yards of the territory of the ancient confectionery factory October (former factory von Einem). Be sure to go to the courtyard of Averky Kirillov's chambers. There you can see a well, from which you do not take water, but, on the contrary, merge (after all church rituals). According to the legends of these chambers there was an underground passage under the Moscow River to the Kremlin.

    The second part can start from the metro station Novokuznetskaya. Go through Pyatnitskaya Street, then by the house familiar to the labels of Smirnovskaya vodka.

    What to show an alien in Moscow?

    And you get to the Swamp area. There is something to see: a monument to Repin, a sculptural composition Shemyakin - "Children of the victim of the vices of adults". On Serafimovich Street, 5 has a house, which in due time in connection with the construction of the Great Stone Bridge was moved almost to 150 meters. The house has a free toilet. On Sofiyskaya embankment there is a beautiful mansion (opposite the Kremlin), which now occupies the British Embassy. In the courtyards you can find a private house with a front garden where there is a boat and a car.

    From Sofia embankment opens a beautiful view of the Kremlin.

    What to show an alien in Moscow?

    Already a lot of letters have been written, but there is a lot of interesting information on the Island. The walk ends at the museum-chapel of Fdor Konyukhov:

    What to show an alien in Moscow?

  • As a rule, all foreigners who come to Moscow for the first time immediately want to see what they have heard about for a long time - Red Square, Lenin (in the Mausoleum), the Kremlin, and the Moscow Metro.

    Therefore, to begin acquaintance of foreigners with the Russian capital, you can in such a traditional order - Red Square, Mausoleum, Armory Chamber, Diamond Fund, Tsar Cannon, Tsar Bell, Kremlin cathedrals.

    Then you can ride the subway, see the most interesting stations (necessarily - Komsomolskaya ring).

    Take a sightseeing bus tour, show them the historical center, Sparrow Hills, climb the Ostankino Tower.

    In the winter - visit the Tretyakov Gallery, Pushkin Museum. In the summer - take a walk in Kolomenskoye, in Tsaritsyno, ride on a river tram along the Moscow River.

    Sparrow Hills

    Most foreigners will be more than satisfied with this program.

  • First of all, show the foreigner Old Arbat, and necessarily in good, clear, sunny weather, that would be on the Arbat were all its residents, artists, musicians, crowds of people in white robes drinking Hari Krishna Hari Rama, and at this time he howls and whines the local mongrel, because they are especially tired with their daily songs and fresh pieces of liver, Arbat is the first thing he should see, and then see for yourself where to lead him, Red Square, well, all that in this spirit according to the program of all visitors .

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