What is stop monster monster high?

What is stop monster monster high?

  • Stop motion is a video compiled using various programs (there are a lot of them, for example, Picasa) from frames (photos) taken on a camera, tablet, phone (anything, if only there was a camera). You can shoot anything, as long as the fantasy was, including stories with monster high dolls. I already showed you the link to the video in your similar topic).

  • Stop motion monster high is a horror movie doll.

  • Monstre hai are dolls from the cartoon horror film. A stop-motion is a kind of animation, when the image is collected from separate frames, while on each frame something changes a little, for example, the position of hands and feet. The frames can be taken with an ordinary camera, then the footage is mounted in a continuous moving cartoon. It is done with the help of special editing programs.

  • Despite the rapid development of new trends in modern culture, for example, such as Stop Motion, I will still rely on classical concepts.

    So, what is Stop Motion? If you try to translate this from English, you will get something like quot; stop motion; or "frozen motion"; that is, puppet animation.

    When you create a scene, you use the layout and actor dolls. The scene is photographed incrementally, after each frame, minimal changes are made to the scene (for example, the doll's pose changes). When reproducing the resulting sequence of frames, the illusion of the movement of objects arises.

    What is stop monster monster high?

    Puppet animation is developing, and now people are being removed along with the dolls. For example, the tale of Alexander Ptushko, shot in 1935 year "New Gulliverquot ;.

    What is stop monster monster high?

    Then the mobility of the scene-mock-up and puppet-actors changed. The puppets were replaced by people. As a result, it turned out that the motionless quot; man-dollquot; It stands still, and around it landscapes change, which create motion in the frame.

    There are a lot of experiments, but ... back to Monster High. What is it?

    The American fashion doll series, created by Garrett Sander, and illustrated by Kellee Riley. The official release took place in July 2010.

    Characters of this series are inspired by horror films and classic stories about monsters, which highlights Monster High from a number of other fashion dolls. Most of the characters in the series are associated with images of famous monsters such as Dracula, the Frankenstein Beast, the Werewolf, the Mummy, the Phantom of the Opera, the Banshee, etc.

    And so, one day the mistress of the dolls, planting her Ghosts and Banshees at the dinner table, decided to reproduce this dinner in the photo by frames. So there appeared a "new series of cartoons"; - Stop Motion Monster High

    All the charm of these cartoons is that they can be created by everyone who has a doll's corner of these unusual heroines. And to create cartoons from script to storyboards is always interesting for adults and children, so Stop Motion Monster High can become a family hobby.

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