Psychic Cashetta: the secrets of her biography and personal life

Our today's heroine is a Kazakh shaman, the finalist of the “Battle of psychics-6”, Kazhetta Akhmetzhanova. Biography with photos, as well as the details of her personal life - all this is contained in the article. Enjoy your reading!Psychic cajetta

Psychic Cashetta: biography, childhood

In 1968, an unusual girl was born in Taldy-Kurgan Region. As you guessed, this is Cazgette. True, mom and dad called her Catherine. Why did our heroine change her name? Translated from the Kazakh "pozhetta" means "need." This woman took the pseudonym when she learned that she possesses supernatural powers. So she wanted to protect herself from evil spirits.

In what family was the future finalist of the “Battle of the Psychics” brought up? Her mother is an ordinary Kazakh woman engaged in housekeeping and raising children. Father worked as a shepherd.


Catherine learned about her extraordinary gift as a schoolgirl. She began to hear the voices of dead people and see their phantoms. When it happened for the first time, the girl hurried to tell everything to her mother. But the woman was not surprised. After all, Katya’s grandfather was a famous shaman in Kazakhstan. Perhaps it was from him that the granddaughter got paranormal abilities.

At some point, our heroine realized that she could read people's thoughts. One glance was enough for Kate to understand whether a person is good or bad. At the same time, the girl could not explain where the information came from.

When Catherine turned 14 years old, her mother led her to a Sufi master. He immediately saw a rare gift in Akhmetzhanova Jr. To enhance her abilities, the master conducted a rite of passage. It was he who gave her second name - Cashetta.Kazhetta Akhmetzhanov biography with photos

Psychic's way

In 1987, our heroine traveled to places of power located in Turkestan. The road was difficult, but 19-year-old girl with dignity overcame all the trials. She first visited Shymkent, then went to the city of Turkestan. But that is not all. The psychic Cashetta visited the mausoleum of Arystan Baba. The girl claimed that it was led by an elder. However, no one saw him except our heroine.


After some time, Kazhetty discovered a cancer. Shamanka immediately realized that the disease was given to her as a test. The front was a choice - to accept his gift and continue to live or abandon it and die. It is not difficult to guess what our heroine preferred. She accepted her gift, after which the cancerous tumor disappeared.

Since 1993, the psychic Cassette has been receiving people in her home. At first she examined people visually. Then she began to make a diagnosis with a pulse. Akhmetzhanova never reveals the secrets of his methodology. Both children, old people, and patients with cancer addressed her. The woman took upon herself all the negative energy. After that, she had to restore physical strength and mental balance for a long time.

Later Ekaterina Akhmetzhanova went to India. Her goal is to meet the famous priest Sati Sai Baba. She previously sent him a letter. Without waiting for an answer, Kate went to sunny India. The meeting of the Kazakh shaman and Sai Baba took place. The priest predicted her move to another country. He gave Catherine 7 "talking" stones.Psychic cajetta biography

Personal life

The psychic Cashetta has been legally married for many years. She and her husband have two children. A woman carefully protects privacy from prying eyes and ears. However, some information about her family is still in the public domain. We are talking about the wife Cazhetty. He also has extraordinary abilities. A man is a healer and a good psychologist.

In 2002-2003 husband Ekaterina Akhmetzhanova was invited to work in Moscow. Over time, he transferred the entire family to the Russian capital. Shamanka long got used to the mad Moscow rhythm. Now she has fallen in love with this city and considers it a second homeland. Here she has a job and a comfortable home. Katya often travels to Kazakhstan to visit relatives.

"The fight of extrasensories"

In 2008, Cashetta went to the 6 casting of the paranormal season. She managed to cope with the screening tests. In one of them, potential participants of the “Battle” needed to be told about Mr. X. Kazhette blindfolded. Then Akhmetzhanova was taken to the room where the singer Irina Ponarovskaya was sitting in the chair. Without seeing her, the shaman told a lot. Psychic called her age, scope, character traits and so on. As a result, Cashetta was among the participants of the sixth “Battle”. Relatives were happy and believed in her victory.Biography Kazhetta Akhmetzhanova Kazakh estrasens

Already after the first release, viewers were interested in her biography. Kazhetta Akhmetzhanova is a Kazakh psychic who could easily look into the past and future of a person, as well as tell about his present. In her work a woman often uses stones. They help her to get in touch with the souls of dead people.

Ziraddin Rzayev, Litvin Alexander and Cashetta reached the final of the “Battle of psychics-6”. Each of them was worthy of victory and statues in the form of hands. But the best psychic 6-th season, the audience considered Alexander Litvin. And our heroine got only 3-place. And this is also a good result.

Psychic Casgetta: feedback on her work

While participating in a paranormal show, our heroine repeatedly proved the presence of extraordinary abilities. The Kazakh shaman has established himself as a good psychologist and “search engine”, healer and forecaster.Psychic cajetta reviews

At receptions to it are written a month in advance. Cashetta listens to each person and tries to find a solution to his problem. Immediately warn - Ekaterina Akhmetzhanova is not in contact with dark forces and evil spirits. Therefore, love spells, damage and other bad rituals are not included in her list of services.

Should I seek help from a Kazakh shaman? Most customers were satisfied with the results of its work. They were arranged and the prices for services, and the attitude of Catherine to them.

In conclusion

Now you know who the psychic Cassette is. We talked about where she was born, when she learned about her gift and how her personal life was. We wish the finalist of the sixth “Battle” health, wisdom and family well-being!

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