How to make a cinemagraf, cinemagrafiyu, a "live photo"?

How to make a cinemagraf, cinemagrafiyu, a "live photo"?

  • Cinemagraphy is done through the program Photoshop, in the animation section.

  • What is sinegraphic (sinegraphic, sinegraphic)? You already know? This is quot; Live Photo. "

    Cinemagrafiyu (cinemagraf, cinemagrafiku) can be created, done independently with the help of the program Adobe Photoshop. It's not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, you just need to learn a little and everything will turn out.

    Words explain the entire technique and sequence of creating quot; live pictures, synemographs, quite difficult and long. I suggest you see a few simple video tutorials on creating a cinemagraphics in the program Adobe Photoshop.

    1. Preparing video with QuickTime for Photoshop

    2. Cinemagraph - an animated picture. Part1

    3. Cinemagraph - an animated picture. Part2

    4. Cinemagraph - an animated picture. Part3

    Another way to create cinemagrafov - the program Cliplets

    This is a free program, developed by specialists microsoft in the laboratory Microsoft Research. The program is designed specifically for this purpose - independently create quot; live photosquot ;, cinemagrafy, cinemagrafii. On the developer's site, by the link above, there are several understandable lessons on working with this program.

    Program Cliplets very simple and easy to use. I highly recommend to master. Opportunities it is smaller of course, than in Photoshop, but for the quick creation of the "cinemagraph"; quite suitable.

    Good luck to all novice photographers!

  • How to make a cinemagraf, cinemagrafiyu, a "live photo"?

    quot; Live picturesquot; are made from a video or a series of photos. For example, in programs such as Adobe Photoshop or After Effects, a video or series of pictures is converted into a sequential cycle. More details on how to make a live photo in Photoshop can be viewed here.

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