Galina Polsky, personal life, are there any children? Married?

Galina Polsky, personal life, are there any children? Married?

  • Galina Alekseevna Polish, an outstanding Russian actress, was born in 1939 year, in Moscow. She does not remember her father: he went to war and did not return. He was killed. My mother was seriously ill with tuberculosis and died when Galina was only 8 years old. Galina and her brother were taken to the orphanage, where later they were taken to their grandmothers. The grandmother from the side of the father took the boy to her, and the grandmother from the mother's side was a girl.

    After graduation Galina entered VGIK, where he studied and her future husband, an Azerbaijani Faik Gasanov. He studied two courses over.

    Their daughter was born Irada.

    Director Faik Hasanov died early: near Yalta, in Crimea, where he shot his film in 1965g. he was hit by a car.

    From his second marriage with director Alexander Surin has a daughter Mariya.Brak this did not last long, the couple divorced, and then divorce actress directors hesitated to invite to appear, because Surin was the son of the director quot; Mosfilmaquot; ...

    Many directors do not want tense relations with Suriname (father and son).

    After her divorce from Suriname, Galina Polish marriage did not go out.

  • Russian actress, People's Artist of the RSFSR Galina Polish in the period as though not married. As a student, a sophomore married Faig Hasanov, Irada their daughter was born. But the young director was killed in 1965 year.

    On the film quot; Military balladaquot; Surin met with the director, immediately after the shooting were married, their daughter Maria was born. The marriage did not last long. Surina parents did not accept Halina Polish. With two children at the hands of Galina Polish left without an apartment and a job. She feared to invite to appear, afraid of her father, the father of Surin, Director quot; Mosfilmaquot ;.

    In a beautiful woman, Galina Polish had a lot of novels, hobbies, married but no longer published.

    Galina Polsky, personal life, are there any children? Married?

  • Wonderful actress Galina Polish gave birth to two daughters, but from different marriages.

    The first time was married to director Faig Hasanov, when both studied at VGIK.

    The fruit of a great love was the daughter of Irada, but her husband started drinking and even having an affair with another.

    Polish divorce has not filed or did not have time - In 1965 was Faik died tragically.

    He was hit by a car near a film studio in Yalta, where Hasanov shot his film.

    Second husband became Galina Polish director Alexander Surin, married life the couple lasted only a year.

    In-law is not a relationship-in-law - went after another quarrel from home.

    Left pregnant, gave birth to daughter Maria, her husband's family has remained indifferent to the news.

    Irada eldest daughter graduated from film history VGIK, he works in quot; Mosfilmequot ;.

    He played a major role in the TV series heiress.

    The youngest daughter of Maria graduated from the Peoples' Friendship University.

    A few years ago, her son was in a motorcycle accident - his leg was amputated.

    Man Chebbi name Philip, my father - Lebanese.

    Polish is very fond of his grandson, and she pictured with him:

    Galina Polsky, personal life, are there any children? Married?

  • Orphaned at the age of eight future famous actress Galina Polish once matured. Having lived for many years with his grandmother took all the household duties themselves. And after graduating from school, I decided to implement a long mechtu- to become an actress. I received at The All-Russian State University named after Sergei Gerasimov. Sixteen-year student acted in a film Wild dog Dingo. a young actress film proslavil- e with a charming appearance invited many kinorezhissry and she refused, accepted the proposal. Throughout his career, Galina Polish large part to play woh love and mothers. And now it is just as well stay popular theater actress. At Galina Alexandrovna loving two grown daughters, starshaya- Irada - it rezhissr, Maria was fascinated by the profession of landscape designer. Galina Polish loving mother and grandmother for her grandchildren.

    Galina Polsky, personal life, are there any children? Married?

  • Galina Polish famous actress all over the country, which was the performer of roles in film and theater. 2 actress was married twice and has two daughters. First husband - Faik Gasanov, daughter - Irada Faikovna. Second husband - Alexander Surin, daughter - Maria Alexandrovna. There is also a grandson - Philip Chebbi.

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