How to learn to manage water?

How to learn to manage water?

  • It seems that someone takes the question too literally. There are many ways to manage water, but the simplest and most understandable is the negativity of water. They say that even after a hard day you can feel like anew born only standing in the shower. There is another way, when turn on the tap, grasp the stream of water with your hands so as not to touch it, and mentally give all the negative thoughts, emotions, experiences. Even there are some words on the water, but I certainly do not remember them. There is a belief that food is not spoken about bad things, you can not. After all, we eat not only food, but energy. Therefore, you can not drink tea or another drink, swearing badly, talking about someone badly, because all the negative will come back to you with a drunk mug.

  • As well as sunlight. A mirror is taken. He controls the projection of the sun, directing the sunny rabbit wherever you want. This is the illusion of control. So it's with water. Really no way. If you can still manage the water, then only through a thin world, but it's dangerous

  • Managing the elements - this is quite a difficult task and not everyone is able to.

    Including manage the elements of water.

    Rather, we can talk about using the capabilities of the water element for our own purposes. As the author of the question, in his answer, he noticed, for example, for draining negative energy into water.

    Walks near the current water favorably affect a person, having visited on the river, the sea or, best of all, at the waterfall, will help get rid of the evil eye.

    After a person is cast with wax, the wax cast is best thrown into the river. When they make a roll-out with an egg, they throw it there.

    Here in this answer is an example of casting wax.

    And here about how to speak water.

  • Learning how to manage water for a variety of purposes is quite simple.

    First of all, you have to finish school at least. Then it's time to start mastering the management of the water element. For example, in the nautical (or at least river) school.

    There are other options. Suppose, engineer-shipbuilder. Or the hydraulic engineer. Or a diver-rescuer. Or the manufacturer of pumps.

  • People from the earliest times believed that water has magical properties. That is, if you learn to manage water, you can become a magician or even God. But how to achieve the ancients did not understand. For me, the magic of water is that it's not difficult to take your eyes off. Agree, rivers, seas, ozra is fine and I want to look at it forever. Everyone wants to go to rest on the sea, to be treated in a sanatorium near a lake, to cruise on the ocean. Water captivates us, fascinates us and ... It is impossible to learn to control what controls us. Water - controls us. It gives us strength, life and energy, dreams and adventures.

  • The first thing you need to purchase is the necessary quot ;, Hquot; details) (metal-plastic pipes, an oblong for them) the floor of the case is made), a pump). Find a suitable spring for you, (water) and perd with a song in battle. It's very simple, I'm a magician for everyone!) where I want to go there and sprinkle with water.

  • First you need to make friends with her. To talk, feel her response, enter into resonance with her. But I still hold the view that water can not be controlled. It can only be asked for something. You can not control your friends.

  • You need to go to study at the vocational school, or whatever they call you right now, or at least three-month courses for a plumbing technician to unlearn, finish them with honors - and you're done! You are the Lord of Water, it is completely subjugated by you: when you need it, there are no places where you do not need it, it's dry and does not even drip.

    How to learn to manage water?

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