Music for sleep, which music helps to fall asleep, promotes a healthy sleep?

Music for sleep, which music helps to fall asleep, promotes a healthy sleep?

  • Music that helps a person to relax and fall asleep is the so-called "music for relaxation": in addition to pleasant melodies, there are sounds of nature included - the sound of rain, the chirping of birds, the noise of a waterfall, the chirping of cicadas and crickets, etc.

  • For me personally, for some time now, a composition called quot; brain massage has become meditatively relaxing; (Andrei Patrushev Brain Massage). The duration of the track used by me is 45 minutes. In the annotation to it there was something about qualitative relaxation, which undoubtedly brings benefits.

  • I listen and I advise everyone to relax under the mantra, already many times convinced of their strength. It helps to plunge into the atmosphere of calmness and peace. I wish you all good night.

  • Everyone has their own music to fall asleep, I am lulling with the sound of the sea wave. When you find personal music and sleep under not a couple of times, then only this music and turn it on before going to bed - you will have a ritual of coming to the gardens of Morpheus) This ritual acts better than insomnia tablets.

  • I think for a healthy sleep contribute to the sounds of nature. Imagine that before going to bed you turn on the music with the clear sound of the surf of the sea, you are mentally transported there, imagine yourself there at the seashore, and if you add birds chirping ... I think you want to immerse yourself in this atmosphere, forgetting about current problems, the reality of the surrounding us. Such music helps to relax the body, turn off your mind for the duration of sleep.

    You can choose any sounds of nature that you like, this best music for sleep.

  • Classical music helps a lot to fall asleep.

  • Of course, one kind of music for all people is not suitable to calm down and fall asleep, but I once listened to the music of a Japanese saxophonist Yudzhiro Mabuchi a year ago and the composition is called quot; Lies; and on You Tube called quot; Melody of the night, so Well, I fell asleep in my headphones while sitting in a chair. After that, I often listen to this music at night to calm down and fall asleep.

  • Sleep, as well as sleep, is best in silence! The brain is resting from external stimuli to which music belongs. And if you want to try to experiment, then stop by here and choose the music that is right for you.

  • There is no unequivocal answer, everyone has their own music, for example, I fall asleep under the Moonlight Sonata, and my younger one is under heavy rock, the son is under chanson. Try to find your own, preferably in a minor, but that individually. If you have strong sleep problems, try a special monologue with muzykoy.V search-cleaning aura prayer. Everything is not bad results for those who are sick, or depressed.

  • Yeah, I tried this thing!

    Long ago I read about this idea somewhere. I had a tape recorder. I recorded my favorite tunes on it, put it on a bedside table and under quiet sounds, not immediately, I must say, but gradually I learned to fall asleep very well. The main thing that the melody was just melodic, not like these, modern, where the terrible roar and drums.

    It ended very sadly. I developed a hard reflex. Heard even at work from the guild loudspeaker similar melodies, I felt an irresistible desire to fall asleep right now. From what I looked very similar to the consequences of a good banquet.

    Even the chief noticed this, and politely but persistently suggested that I start this business. It's time, they say, and measure to know.

    quot; tied the; with great difficulty.

    I did not put any more experiments on myself.

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